Monday, January 24, 2011

*My Boys*

They were both thinking very hard about what move ther were going to make next! :)
                                                      My 2 boys who have ALL of my heart :)
Well, Brayden and I took Tad to the airport this morning for his long 35 days in Korea! It was bittersweet, Brayden cried when we left the airport wanting is daddy...broke my heart. On the way home I put in my Top Christian Songs of 2010-2011 that Tad had gotten me several months ago, that I LOVE! The first song is God is Great, and boy is he! I just started scawling my eyes out! I got to thinking that I'm so lucky to have a husband that will go away from his family for 35 days just to provide for his family. The sad thing is that I don't tell Tad enough how much I appreciate what he does for Brayden and I, but it means the world to me. Tad is so happy to be back where he was when he was with Transocean and I'm so happy for him. We have God to thank for EVERYTHING and I'm so glad that I have him in my heart to know this! Tad and Brayden mean the absolute world to me, and I love just laying around the house with them. Yesterday after church we played outside forever, the weather was SOOO nice and couldn't pass up the opportunity to be able to play outside without freezing our hiney's off!haha.. We had a good day yesterday, Tad's parents came over and spent some time with him before he had to leave this morning, his mom brought a Ice Cream the way was DELISH!!!!! The rest is in my freezer, so if you would like some COME GET IT! Its sooo good, but very fattening. I had to go to the doctor last week, and decided to talk to the dietician(spelling?) there, and their program sounds really good and not as expensive as I thought,but I think I've decided just to do weight watchers online. I have GOT to lose some weight...its driving me crazy!!!! I know its my own fault for not having it off before now, I mean Brayden is almost 2 years old. I will get it off I just keep telling myself that!! This month Tad is gone I'm going to eat better and exercise as much as I can!! Its alot easier if he isn't home, he likes to eat out and LOVES ice cream!!!haha...I do love him though ;) Tad borrowed his aunts Guitar Hero game for the wii, and he became VERY addicted to it this past weekend, so I'm pretty sure that we'll be going to buy it as soon as he gets home. Brayden just woke up and thankfully has only asked for Oki so far...It breaks my heart when he says "where daddy" and I have to say "work"...he knows that hes not here.. I told him on the way home this morning, that daddy had to go to work to make Brayden some money for some new this boy needs new toys! I told mother the other day that I have NO CLUE where Brayden's Twin bed is going to go in his room, theres no room what so ever...TOYS ARE EVERYWHERE! My answer to toys everywhere is that "Santa's workshop threw up!!!" HAHA...Its the best explanation that I can come up with why there are always toys everywhere in this house... :) So last night when momma and daddy came up here for supper, mother walked in B's room and says "Oh My Gosh" and my reply was "I told you"!!!! haha...  The agenda for today is to play with Brayden and study for 2 test tomorrow! I'm not stressing over the tests because 3 of my 4 classes are a repeat almost... Everything that we have went over so far I already knew! :) Which I guess is a good thing, but I'm sure later on in the semester I will learn some "new" things! :) I LOVE my major!!! Psychology is right up my alley, I love everything about it.... okay well except the educational psych class that I'm taking. Ohhh..I need some ideas for my behavior class...Its due tomorrow!haha.. I already chose one but can't do it...long story and it makes me angry! anyway...I have to do a project changing a behavior modification... like learning how to do something, changing the way I do something, or anything like that...I can do it on somebody else, but it will be easier for me to just do it on myself! I chose exercising but now I can't do it, so I need something else..and I have no clue what to do...HELP PLEASE!!! :) I'm watching Tad's flight from ATL to San Fransico...he's over Oklahoma right now.. he should be there in about another 2 hours or so..I will be following him all the way to Korea! Now it starts...Brayden is asking where Daddy is... :( :( Luckily he got distracted..Whew.. He normally just asks for him when we go to bed at night and knows that daddy isn't laying on the other side of him! We will make it though! I have faith in Brayden and I. I am excited that Nina and I will get to spend 3 weeks together, we haven't been able to do this in a VERY long time. Tiffany's manfriend as she calls him is still home and just got home recently so I'm not sure how long she and I will have together before Tad gets home. Tomorrow is back to school and dance... I really want to go to zumba tonight, but I just don't think I want to be away from Brayden today/tonight. I will just exercise on my ab glider, and maybe Brayden and I will play Just dance in a little while! :) Well I'm going to play with my little boy, he's telling me bye bye with my car keys in his hands!*haha*

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