Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another lazy day..

 The rest of our Monday was spent being very lazy in the recliner. Brayden played most of the day in the living room with me,and if he didn't like what I was watching on tv then he would just go to his room and watch his tv. :) Smart little boy! He loves to stand up on the countertop and look around in the pantry, so I let him do that for a few minutes until I FINALLY made him get down and he had to get a can of rotel and a can of green beans out to play with. Here are a few pictures of him playing with the can food..

I can't remember what we were watching but he decided that it was time for his nap, and of course he took over the recliner!He looks so peaceful when he's sleeping, I just wish I could sleep half as good as he does when I sleep! I would feel very refreshed every morning. ;) After he woke up it was snack time..he played with his gummies awhile before he actually ate them *haha* We played and we played Monday afternoon, and eventually out came the gigantic piano! He this for Christmas from his Aunt Gail, Uncle Harrison, and Trevor. We LOVE it!! :):) I LOVE IT! We laughed and Brayden would always mess me up when I wanted to play on it, but would get very upset with me if I tried to mess him up.*haha*

 Yesterday I went to school, and got sick :( So, I had a test in my second class and as soon as I got finished tatking it, I came home!!!! I took aboutt a 2 hour nap after I got home, woke up and mother wanted me to go to the doctor just incase I had the flu. I didn't! It's just viral. I had a horrible headache all stinkin' day yesterday and I'm so glad that its gone this morning. I have some schoolwork to do today before heading to dance, and of course play with my baby boy. He's in his room watching Mickey Mouse right now. When it goes off every morning is when its play time for us :). This was Brayden eating his pop tart this morning for breakfast. He loves his pop tarts! I still haven't been able to talk to Tad yet :( He emailed me yesterday afternoon when he got to work, he said that he hasn't been able to hook up his internet yet in his apartment. So hopefully maybe today when he wakes up he'll be able to do it. its 10:35pm over there right now. He did say that when he got to Seoul South Korea that it was snowing and that its VERY pretty over there. I can't wait for all of us to be able to go over there one day..a fun trip, no work involved! I'm already missing him alot, I guess I'm missing him more because I haven't been able to talk to him and I know that its only Jan.26 and he doesn't come home until March 2!!!! At least when he comes home it will be right there at my spring break and we are planning on going to the beach for a couple of days! :) I'm really excited about it. Anyway, Brayden is now having a fit for me to get off this computer so I better get off! Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! :)

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