Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I know I know, I'm a slacker!

I know its been almost 2 months since I've blogged and I apologize to the people who actually do read it! :) We have been super busy with Vacation, Christmas, Starting back to school...etc... SOooo

  We took a vacation to the mountains like the second week in Decemeber, and we had a blast. The only problem was that I was sick! :( Brayden had been sick earlier in the week before going, so I caught what he had while we were there... Thats okay I still enjoyed myself. I loved it up there, the snow was pretty, but by Monday I was def. ready to get away from it. I had also never been to the mountains so I def. would like to go back! We didn't get to do a whole bunch since it was soo cold and B was getting over sickness and I was sick. We were able to make it the aquarium while we were there, and Brayden LOVED all the fish!
This little guy stood so still for Tad to get a picture, I thought it was plum cute! :) I've always wanted a penguin and my mother always said you have no where to keep it, and I would always reply Yes I do in the Freezer! haha

We had a wonderful Christmas and Santa was very good to Brayden! :) Tad and I had a great Christmas too! His parents bought us a Wii and we love it. We have several games now, I got Just Dance from my parents and I LOVE IT! Of course Tad had to have Tiger Woods kidding. Santa brought B a bigfoot and he is soo scared of it, he won't go near it! Since Christmas I can count on 1 hand how many times he has been in his room to play with all his new toys...Let's see 1.... thats it! And the only reason he went then is because I went with him! Crazy child but I love him. Izzy and Papa T bought him a tent and its in the living room at home, and he does play in it some, which I just put it up last Friday! It's his new hiding place I guess..He got tired of hiding behind the TV and recliner...haha...


Last Wednesday was MY BIRTHDAY! So happy late birthday to myself :) I had a very relaxing day and enjoyed it very much since it was my last day off before school starting. Tad and my daddy got oysters and grilled hot wings for me...both were YUMMY!! My parents/Tad/Brayden got me..Michael Jackson The Experience, Dance Workout, and Zumba all for the Wii. Tad's parents got me Just Dance 2 for the Wii. I love all of them and they all give me a workout, but they are sooo much fun! :) I still cannot believe that I'm 22, it sounds REALLY wierd to me to say that. I can say that I've had a great past 22 years though :) I'm lucky to have my family and friends who I love more than anything! 

We had Landon's birthday party on Saturday and Mickey Mouse came, and all B would say is high five, and ohh tootles..which is what Mickey says on his tv show on Disney! I was surprised that Brayden wasn't scared of him but I'm glad that he wasn't. Landon liked his Mickey guitar that we got him, Brayden had been playing with it all week and I just knew the batteries were going to go dead in it before Landon even got it. Thank goodness they still worked when he opened it! :) I knew I should have ordered 2 when I ordered it, I knew better but oh well..Brayden can get one another time.

Brayden has learned how to say Karter(my friend Toyia's boy thats B's age) and says Karter NON STOP! It's soo cute and sweet that he thinks about him. He can also say Heidi and Sophie which are Karter's sisters names! Now I guess I need to teach him Toyia and Kyle, then he'll have that whole family down pat! :) Brayden will come up to me out of the blue and say "where Karter" and I usually say at home with his mommy...and he says "at home". TOO CUTE! :)

So, I've started back to school now, which is where I am right now! :) I'm at the Troy campus this semester since my classes that I need don't start until 5:30 at the Dothan campus :( I miss it already! Troy campus is just soo much bigger and more people. I liked my small campus with only 3 buildings. Plus I'm just not a big fan of going to college with people that I know for some reason, weird I know, but I focus more when I don't know anyone. I'm making the best of being on this campus for this semester and it will be over May 2! haha...yes I'm counting down!!!! So being here means I'm not at dance on Tuesday's and Thursday's...I'm already stressed out about not being there and Mrs. S- getting herself stressed out. BUT I know that Carrie and Brooke are very smart and can handle it without me for a little while. I will be there on Tuesday's night for the adult class and for the Wednesday classes. I also started back to Zumba last night with Amber Kersey, she did such a wonderful job and I'm very proud of her! :) My legs are a little sore today, but they sure enough need to be!! Ohh, Tad got a new job and will be working in Korea for a few months, he still on oil rigs, now will be in the water and not on land. They are building the rig that he will be on in Korea so he is very excited and I am too for him. He rubs it in mine and my mothers face that he is getting to Korea before we do, but his is for work...we want to go for PLAY! :)  I will be sure that he does take a camera with him though to have some pictures to share on a blog post. We are thinking that he may leave for Korea sometime next week, he has to go for his drug test in Houston this week so hopefully will know more when he gets out there. This does mean that he's going to be gone longer which means Kayla needs to make some friends! haha...Since its tax season my mother will be working non stop and Brayden and I will be lonely on the weekends...Tad's mother also works on the weekends so...This is why I don't have a real job....HAHAHAHAHA...everybodies ALWAYS working when I need someone to keep Brayden and myself company. I'm going to have a real job one day (maybe..we"ll see) Tad says I will... =) That deserves a BIG smile... Anyway, I think thats pretty much all thats been going on with us. Hopefully there won't be such a big gap between posts next time. I do have an hour and a half wait between classes so that should give me plenty of time to blog each week as long as I don't have school work I need to do before going home. Since I have 2 classes before my break, I can always do my HW during it so that I will only have to focus on my other 2 classes at home... YEAH RIGHT! You know me, I'll be on facebook! hahaha.... Okay now I'm really going to stop. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and a blessed week too! :)

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  1. Your Christmas tree was gorgeous! I am working on getting Karter to say Brayden :)!!! Work in progress is all I can say *L*! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Brayden with the blue gap shirt on smiling. Precious!! Oh and you'll love the picnic table. Heidi used hers ALL THE time before we had Karter. I need to get it back out.