Monday, January 31, 2011

Our weekend

On Friday, Brayden and I were pretty much lazy all day long, we didn't have any plans to do anything so we didn't.  I did make a trip to the grocery store Friday night while Brayden played with his Izzy and Papa T. He is so into Finding Nemo right now, We watch that movie 50 times a day it seems like. When it goes off he screams NEMO NEMO NEMO, until I turn it back on. I did get to squeeze in Toy Story 3 Saturday morning. It has been so pretty outside for the past couple of days and not freezing either. So we have tried to enjoy some of this weather by playing outside some. Brayden and I went to Nina's house Saturday afternoon to let the boys play and for us to play Wii. Our friend Tabatha and her son Peyton came over to enjoy the fun with us too. We had a wonderful time together and I think the boys enjoyed playing with eachother. They all 3 are only children and you sure can tell. *haha* They are some cutie pies though.  We didn't do too much yesterday either, besides going to church! :) We watched Nemo 5 times...*haha* Today, we are being lazy, watching Nemo of course, and I'm studying for 3 tests that I have tomorrow. The good thing is that we are learning about almost the same thing in every class that I have, so that makes it a little easier on me BUT a little boring during class. I'm starting to get over my anger towards Troy campus, I still have a little bit but I figured I can't do anything about it so I might as well just GET OVER IT!haha... I'm a big girl and can handle being there for 1 semester.  I do miss Dothan campus like crazy though, things are just so much different between the 2 campuses. You really wouldn't think there would be but there is. Tomorrow starts February and that means its closer to the end of the semester and Dance Recital! :) I'm so ready for summer, I want to go to the beach soo bad and play in the water... I can already feel the sand between my toes! =) Anyway, I better get back to studying for my tests tomorrow, Hope everyone has a wonderful week :)

This was soo funny! Brayden had to potty seat that goes on the toilet on top of the toddler potty...
 They each weighed, and of course my child was the smallest...Bless his heart...

 Mommy and Brayden watching Nina and Tabatha dance, they wouldn't let me dance with them anymore because I am too GOOD! *haha*
Here is a video of the boys playing Just Dance before supper.

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