Monday, January 17, 2011

Lazy Day :)

We had a great weekend, it was very relaxing! We had no plans to be anywhere or do anything, it was VERY nice. Friday night Tad grilled steaks, I made fried rice and homemade mac-&-cheese. Amy and Emma Grace came over and ate with us and we played a little Wii. :) Tad thought he was going to show Amy and me up on Michael Jackson...HAHAHA Yeah right! Amy and I smoked his hiney! =) It was hilarious, to find out the whole time he had been holding his remote the wrong way, but hey it does tell you at the beginning of the game how to hold it, soo NO mercy on Tadpole! Saturday, B and I were at mommas most of the day relaxing with her. That afternoon I was playing just dance 2, and B was watching me, mother was at the dinning room table on the computer and she said "Is he saying Dance" and I replied "Of Course" and Brayden replies "Of Course"...It was TOO funny! Tad grilled us hamburgers and they were yummy:) He went home around 7:30..he said he was just worn out, which Im sure he was from all that running around Thursday that he did. We watched Miss America Pageant with momma and daddy, and we would comment on the girls saying oh she's pretty... Well Brayden caught on and next thing we know he's saying "Pretty" and then he would say "hair". If you don't know Brayden is a hair fanatic! He LOVES holding my hair and anyone else that has hair long enough for him to hold. So, those girls in the pageant that had long hair def. had his vote! haha.. Sunday, we went to church and when we were dropping him off in his SS class the first thing he says is "Where Karter".. Karter wasn't in there yet so I'm sure he was happy to see Karter when he got to class.. His teachers said that the whole time he said Momma, Daddy, O-O(oki), Max, and Karter. To funny! Brayden used to call Eli,Max, and Oki Eli, but now he calls Oki O-O...Max Max..and Eli Max..every now and then you will hear him say Eli, but he just calls him Max now. I guess he figured out that Max was easier to say than Eli. Tad leaves next Monday, we don't have his flight plan yet but we just know that he leaves Monday. It's going to be a long 35 days, BUT he will have more time with Brayden than just 4 days every other week. We are both excited about this job, we plan on saving for a house! Which is super exciting for us. =) I've been doing a little research about Busan which is where Tad will be at in South Korea today, from the pictures that I have found it looks like a VERY nice place! They have some pretty mountains there. Don't worry Tad will be taking a camera to take some pictures. Anyway, I think thats about all I have to share today! Hope everyone has a wonderful week at work or school :)

I only have 1 picture to share and this was Friday afternoon, Brayden was walking around the house in my uggs..which he calls my boots! :)

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