Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's Christmas! *haha*

So yesterday, Brayen informed me that Halloween was over and that Christmas was yesterday. ???? I didn't get the memo and I'm sure most of you didn't either that Christmas was before Thanksgiving this year and that it was yesterday! So I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas *lol* We've been trying for a week now to understand that Thanksgiving is next and that we have all these things that God has given us to be thankful for, and obviously it isn't registering in Brayden's head. :) That kid is something else now! When I ask him to clean up the living room or put his toys away, he ALWAYS replies with "My stomach hurts" or "My feet are broke" or " My hands don't work" ??? Seriously?? If thats the case, when its time to do laundry its hurt my feet to walk to the laundry room and my hands don't know how to fold or iron clothes AND my tummy hurts and I just don't want to do it! How about that? ;)

I subbed Thursday and Friday of last week, I had 8th graders both days.. And I asked them.. Do ya'll really act like this all the time? The responed with Yes! Ohh dear... Poor teachers! Nah they were really good on Friday after I showed the "REAL" Kayla! I just don't think that me and my friends acted like that in the 8th grade? I had one student ask me to tell them some funny stories about what me and my friends did when we were their age. I didn't think that was a good idea! *L* What do you think Nina and Tiffany??? Telling them to disobey their momma's to go riding uptown with their BF's brother??? BAHAHA! Sorry Mom! But you know I did :) Or skipping the school dance to go rolling in Straughn and telling your parents you were at the dance??? What you think Nina?? All I know is that Landon and Brayden are most likely going to be the death of me when they hit the teenage years! Cause if they are ANYTHING like Nina and I were....OHHHHHH BOY! I better invest in several more wooden spoons because I have a feeling I'm going to use them alot and break them often! I've already told Nina that Brayden isn't allowed to spend the night with them, cause I know whats happens...My mom let me stay with Nina WAY to much! *lol* Tiffany probably won't have any kids, so Brayden will like staying with her....but I'm sure I won't! Yes, Tiff you know you'll be that confused old person that we always saw riding around up town checking us out! :) You know I love you though! Tiff and I never really got into trouble together, we just always did the stupidest stuff, I mean who thinks of making a slipNslide out of shower curtains and using Tide detergent as soap??? I mean really??? And by the way using Tide detergent(not the liquid kind) for soap will give you a rash!!! We would ride around town, Tiff would have on her glasses and her moms lab coat all the way up to steering wheel and I would be all the way laid back in the seat listening to "scary" music! I'd rather not tell you alot of stories about Tiff and I because you would be here ALL day reading and laughing and then look at me different when you see me... YES, we were really that stupid!

Okay so anyway, Brayden is awake and needs his mommy :) I'll post pictures next time! I hope you enjoyed a laugh this morning!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Already end of October?? Really???

Omgosh, people its the end of October... Where in the world did this month?? I tell you, Tad's hitch home seemed like it lasted 3 days not 3 weeks. :( We were pretty busy but of course still found time for some laziness. Hunting season came in, so you know Tad hunted alot. Brayden didn't like waking up and finding out that daddy had gone hunting without him. Maybe soon he'll get to go with his daddy and Papa T.

Ohh, I did finally get our gas logs ordered! Go me! They still haven't came in...I wish they would because I'm to cheap to run the heater in the house. Our A/C-heater has been turned off since Saturday! :) Hoping for a nice electric bill. If you know me, I completely FREAK out if its over $200. So you can imagine how freaked out I've been about running the A/C since we've been in the house.

I've started reading a book its called MOMumental. It is sooo hilarious! She's a stay at home mom and tells it like it is. So its a MUST read for all my SAHM's and even working moms at that. I started reading it this past Friday while I was subbing and I'm half way through it... I despise to read, so to have half the book read is doing good for me.

I would also like to announce that Brayden is fully potty trained now, no more pull-ups at night, thanks to his daddy! His daddy got that accomplished while he was home. Go Tadpole! Tad and I started our Christmas shopping last week with a trip to Destin. We got B several things and ourselves a few things too :) We ate at AJ's and OMGOSH...the oysters were FANTASTIC!!!! so big and juicy :)

 Brayden enjoyed painting his pumpkin while Izzy and I painted a bookshelf for his play room. We love our craft days...especially painting :)

Brayden and Tadpole... 2 peas in a pod! These boys run me wild!!

 Eli doing his "I'm so cool" pose... aka Wayne Russell look.... Watch Uncle Wayne next time you see him and see if he doesn't hold his head up like this! :) Of course Max just doesn't pay me any attention and is glued to the movie.

Brayden and I last night taking a picture to send to our Tadpole. :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fabo Weekend!

Our weekend was fabulous, a little busy but mostly fabulous! :) Tad rented a huge waterslide for Saturday. They called Friday before lunch and wanted to know if they could go ahead and bring it, they wanted all of Saturday off, so of course we said YES! Just a free day :)Toyia and the kiddos came over, she picked Oki up from school and brought her too.


Saturday, we had Tad's family over for lunch, football and some fun on the slide! I got to hold the newest addition.. Jase! He's such a sweet baby...he's not wild like the other boys! *L*
 Saturday night, Aunt Sam and Uncle Wayne and the kiddos came over for supper. The kids enjoyed playing on the slide of course.
Our Ray of Sunshine :)

Today was opening day of deer season and you know Tad's been in the woods all day! *L* Brayden and I had planned on having a pajamma day but Tad called and said sketters were eating him alive and needed a thermacell. So B and I went to WalMart... aren't we sweet ? :) I did get 4 loads of laundry washed and dried..and one big pile of clothes ironed.

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Ray of Sunshine

So, Our house in finally finished..except getting the logs for the fireplace and all the gas hooked up. The guys finished painting the outside this week!They started painting last Thursday and well... I was a little frightened when I first saw it. *L*I took a picture of what the guys had painted so far and texted it to a few friends and family members. In a nutshell, all of their replies were... "WOW, its Yellow!" to be nice I'm sure.. I know they were thinking in their heads this... "What in the WORLD in Tad and Kayla thinking???" I say this because thats exactly what I was thinking in my head.m My mom doesn't text me back, she calls me and is like are you happy? do you think you need to stop them until Tad gets home and makes sure thats what ya'll like? Basically she was just being my mom and making sure we would be happy with the color. My sweet friend Toyia, just texts me back and pretty much just comforts me and says that its going to look good, its bright but its pretty! :) Such a sweet friend to help me keep calm when I really just want to totally freak out! Don't get me wrong I knew it was going to bright, but just seeing it actually on the house..Oh My! Anyway, I posted on FB something like.." No one should have a problem finding our house now" and Tad's first response was "Is it ugly?" *lol* I said No, its just a ray of sunshine! So then Tad is freaking out, asking if I think we should tell them to stop and pick a different color... I'm thinking in my head.. No, we've already spent $800 or more on this paint..We will just deal with it! Later that afternoon I had a hair appointment so I rode down the dirt road so I could look at the house from the road and it looked SOOOO much better from the road! Now, that everything is finished...white trim/white doors are painted, it breaks the yellow up and isn't like a BAM factor in your face like it was to begin with. We LOVE it now :) I had to call our contractor today about the gutters for the house and he says " I heard I needed to wear sunglasses next time at your house" BAHAHA, I was like Yeah pretty much and we just laughed about it. Then he says, Tad picked it out! *L* Thats the first thing I told Tad when he started having second thoughts about the color! :)We really do love it now though, we are different :) Just call it The Tisdale box of Skittles ;) Okay so I don't have a final picture of the house, but I promise to post next time with the final outcome :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Feeling like home now :)

Our house is finally starting to feel like a home now. Granite was installed on Monday and dishwasher and kitchen sink were hooked up yesterday afteroon. I cooked our first meal last night, although Brayden and I were sad daddy didn't get to enjoy it with us. I made poppyseed chicken casserole with a side of green beans! It was yummooo!!! I'll be cooking it again, and a plus was Brayden LOVED LOVED it. He ate 2 plates of it :) Anyway, really all we like now on the house is having the outside painted and a few touchups on paint on the inside, buy gas logs and get gas tanked moved from my in-laws house. They've had a tank for several years that they haven't even used, and so graciously are giving us the tank :) Which by the way is saving us a ton of money for having to rent one each year and or trying to find a used one for decent money which can take a while to find. So thank you Sandra and Victor! We do appreciate it so very much :) So I just now realized that I never blogged about our trailer AKA pull behind!
We sold it on August 10th and the movers came and picked it up on August 20th. It was a very bittersweet day. Brayden watched the guys through the whole process of getting it moved. I didn't cry, I wanted too very badly but I didn't. I know we had outgrown it, but its just the fact that its the first place we ever lived together, Brayden's first home... :'( It just makes me sad to think that we won't ever see it again. I'm glad that we sold it, I was really scared that we weren't. God took care of us after many many prayers! I think about it all the time, I'm weird I know. I mean we have more room in this house than we know what to do with, we aren't stepping on each other, everything has a place to go, AND that red furniture is gone!!! Tad and I to this day have no idea why in the world we wanted red microfiber furniture! A little piece of advice, microfiber and kids DO NOT mix!!!!

That's about it for tonight :) Brayden and I are super excited about watching Eli tomorrow at the football game, he gets to start :)
I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week and weekend :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

We are Here, There and Everywhere!

So, its catch up time once again... I've became a slacker once again. :( Here we go..

We are in the house!! Wohoo, the kitchen isn't finished yet, but will hopefully be done tomorrow ;) I'm so excited about seeing the granite around the fireplace. We still have lots of things that aren't in the house. Like our dressers are still at my mommas house and all of Tad's clothes and the majority of mine..Brayden's clothes are all in the house. I think the painter is going to start on the outside sometime this week! I can't wait to see it, its yellow.. Tad picked it out :)

Brayden is growing so fast! He now prays for every meal for the family, if you have a conversation with him he'll say "you think thats a good idea?" I'm like whoa! Where are you learning all this new stuff?? He has FINALLY learned how to ride his bicycle that we got him for his birthday. He's gotten really good about saying Thank you and Your Welcome.

I pick up the Russell kiddos Monday through Thursday from school and keep them until Aunt Sam picks them up. Brayden and I enjoy it, we love to spend time with those kids! :) I went to the Dot Mom conference this weekend, had a good time... I did tear up twice because I missed Brayden. I've never been anywhere without tadpole or my momma. So this was a little out of my comfort zone. I had anxiety about it all last week, but wouldn't let myself back out of it because I knew God wanted me to go hear all the great things that I learned. I made it through and I'm glad that I went! Tad and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on September 5th. We enjoyed our day together in Prattville, Montgomery, Troy and Enterprise :) We traveled all over that day. We had a wonderful day, despite the awful looks we got in Jim N Nicks in Prattville. The people eating there stared us down the whole time we were there, we ate and got OUT!

Brayden and Sophie, I love these 2 kids! They crack me up, They say they are boyfriend/girlfriend. Tad, Brayden and I LOVE us some Sophie now! If Toyia and Kyle would give her to us, we would take her no questions asked :)) Soph decided that she wanted to go home with Brayden and I one day and of course I let her:) She also told me this morning that she was going home with me after church! I might just have to get her one afternoon soon:) *cough*cough* Toyia! *L*
My momma bought an underwater camera for her diving trips and you know us, we HAD to try it out on one of our Saturday pool days!

Dot Mom

Our living room as of this afternoon :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

What a day! Whew...

Yesterday, what can I was a LONG day and a busy day at that. I got up first thing and got ready and dropped B off at school and I headed to Dothan. I had to go register for school :( I so did NOT want to be doing that. Anyway, once I got to school..everything started off wrong, of course I don't have patience for stuff like that. Especially when its something that I really don't want to be doing. The highlight of the morning, was seeing my advisor! (Aunt Sam will understand) :))haha. I finally left school around 11 something. Then I made a visit to see April at work. I then attempted to go to sherwin williams to pick out a stain for the cabinets for the house.... Unaccomplished I might add, I am still very overwhelmed! I went a couple of weeks ago to pick up some samples of the colors we wanted for the house and while I was waiting for the samples, I looked at the different colors of stains, well..... I think I stood there for 10 minutes LOST OUT OF MY MIND!!!!! I have absolutley no idea of what I want. So, now I have the stain samples with me at home...and I am still undecided...and I have to give my contractor a color TODAY! OMG! I know, I have no idea what to do. The guys got finished yesterday afternoon doing the sheetrock for the house and the electric guys are out there now hooking up power! WooHoo! :) Of course the windows didn't come in yesterday like they were supposed too, supposed to be here tomorrow around lunch we will see! Highlight of the afternoon was somebody called about the trailor, they sounded very interested in it. Maybe something good will come about that. :) A little off subject, but I've been "rug" shopping for the house online and at some stores in Destin, did you know rugs are ridiculously expensive??? Its crazy how much rugs cost... with that said...I have yet to purchase a area rug for any room of the house! I don't have any pictures for this blog, I actuall probably do...but I'm to lazy to go find my cord to upload them :) Happy Thursday to everyone!!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

House Ideas

I thought I would do a post of ideas and things we have for the house!

This is the granite that Tad and I picked out for the kitchen and the fireplace. Its called Hurricane Gold...

These are the lights that will hang over the kitchen island and over the kitchen sink. 2 will be over island and 1 over sink. They will hang down, so it'll be like the second light!

These are a few pieces of tile that we've been looking at for the bathrooms and laundry room...pretty much all have the same color scheme...

This is the shower curtain for Brayden's bathroom

This is the china cabinet that I have picked out, and our contractor is building us one just like it :) My grandmother's china is going to look awesome in it!

This is our frig.

My stainless steel farmhouse sink for the kitchen! my favorite part of the house :)

Pictures of the house from this afternoon, they started of the sheetrock today :)

The rest of the windows are supposed to be in tomorrow! Say a prayer that they will.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Family Beach Trip 2012

We had our annual Family Beach Trip a couple weeks ago. We normally stay in Destin on the beach, but everything was pretty much booked up. We stayed in SeaCrest between Destin and PCB. It was soooo nice! Very quite and relaxing...not alot of people on the beach but we did catch a wedding at the end of the week :) It was about a 30 minute drive into Destin, which I only made 2 trips there anyway. PCB was much more closer, maybe took 5-10 minutes to get there. I love PCB, I miss our annual PCB trip we used to take everyear before I graduated high school. Anyhow, we had a great time of course, although it does get crazy with 6 families under 1 roof for a whole week. Seaweed was awful :( Sunday we went to St. Andrews Park and seaweed was awful there too. Brayden of course didn't mind and loved diving into the water.

Aunt Sam and I sent all the kiddos with Uncle Wayne and Tadpole at the Commons! :) We took the picture and ran!!HAHAHA
Momma and Uncle Rusty found this during their dive on Sunday at St. Andrew's. They saved it because it was empty and so neat looking. It was really cool in person, well until the crab started to come out!!!! Nope...not empty! I had it on my leg and it started moving around...scared me to death!!! Not cooL!

 Eli rode with us into Destin on that Tuesday. He was watching Open Season 2 and was cracking me up how into the movie he was. I just had to have a picture of him all into it!
 This station wagon was at the outlets when we got there... I immediatly took a picture and sent it to my daddy. We used to always make fun of paneling cars... This one is def. in the top of my list with the blue painters tape! :) bahahaha

 Thursday night, Brayden started running fever :( It was a rough night for us. Friday, no fever that morning so we tried to go out on the beach and he didn't even want to play.. He sat in his chair for a little bit that got in my lap with his towel over him... Made this mommy sad!!! You can tell in this picture that he doesn't feel good at all.

We had a great vacation, but its always nice to come home! We missed our "new" house all week and were very anxious to see it the Saturday we came home.

Happy Birthday to my Aunt Sam! I love you and hope your day has been absolutley wonderful. Hope you enjoyed your sushi tonight :)