Friday, October 12, 2012

A Ray of Sunshine

So, Our house in finally finished..except getting the logs for the fireplace and all the gas hooked up. The guys finished painting the outside this week!They started painting last Thursday and well... I was a little frightened when I first saw it. *L*I took a picture of what the guys had painted so far and texted it to a few friends and family members. In a nutshell, all of their replies were... "WOW, its Yellow!" to be nice I'm sure.. I know they were thinking in their heads this... "What in the WORLD in Tad and Kayla thinking???" I say this because thats exactly what I was thinking in my head.m My mom doesn't text me back, she calls me and is like are you happy? do you think you need to stop them until Tad gets home and makes sure thats what ya'll like? Basically she was just being my mom and making sure we would be happy with the color. My sweet friend Toyia, just texts me back and pretty much just comforts me and says that its going to look good, its bright but its pretty! :) Such a sweet friend to help me keep calm when I really just want to totally freak out! Don't get me wrong I knew it was going to bright, but just seeing it actually on the house..Oh My! Anyway, I posted on FB something like.." No one should have a problem finding our house now" and Tad's first response was "Is it ugly?" *lol* I said No, its just a ray of sunshine! So then Tad is freaking out, asking if I think we should tell them to stop and pick a different color... I'm thinking in my head.. No, we've already spent $800 or more on this paint..We will just deal with it! Later that afternoon I had a hair appointment so I rode down the dirt road so I could look at the house from the road and it looked SOOOO much better from the road! Now, that everything is finished...white trim/white doors are painted, it breaks the yellow up and isn't like a BAM factor in your face like it was to begin with. We LOVE it now :) I had to call our contractor today about the gutters for the house and he says " I heard I needed to wear sunglasses next time at your house" BAHAHA, I was like Yeah pretty much and we just laughed about it. Then he says, Tad picked it out! *L* Thats the first thing I told Tad when he started having second thoughts about the color! :)We really do love it now though, we are different :) Just call it The Tisdale box of Skittles ;) Okay so I don't have a final picture of the house, but I promise to post next time with the final outcome :)

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