Monday, October 15, 2012

Fabo Weekend!

Our weekend was fabulous, a little busy but mostly fabulous! :) Tad rented a huge waterslide for Saturday. They called Friday before lunch and wanted to know if they could go ahead and bring it, they wanted all of Saturday off, so of course we said YES! Just a free day :)Toyia and the kiddos came over, she picked Oki up from school and brought her too.


Saturday, we had Tad's family over for lunch, football and some fun on the slide! I got to hold the newest addition.. Jase! He's such a sweet baby...he's not wild like the other boys! *L*
 Saturday night, Aunt Sam and Uncle Wayne and the kiddos came over for supper. The kids enjoyed playing on the slide of course.
Our Ray of Sunshine :)

Today was opening day of deer season and you know Tad's been in the woods all day! *L* Brayden and I had planned on having a pajamma day but Tad called and said sketters were eating him alive and needed a thermacell. So B and I went to WalMart... aren't we sweet ? :) I did get 4 loads of laundry washed and dried..and one big pile of clothes ironed.

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