Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Already end of October?? Really???

Omgosh, people its the end of October... Where in the world did this month?? I tell you, Tad's hitch home seemed like it lasted 3 days not 3 weeks. :( We were pretty busy but of course still found time for some laziness. Hunting season came in, so you know Tad hunted alot. Brayden didn't like waking up and finding out that daddy had gone hunting without him. Maybe soon he'll get to go with his daddy and Papa T.

Ohh, I did finally get our gas logs ordered! Go me! They still haven't came in...I wish they would because I'm to cheap to run the heater in the house. Our A/C-heater has been turned off since Saturday! :) Hoping for a nice electric bill. If you know me, I completely FREAK out if its over $200. So you can imagine how freaked out I've been about running the A/C since we've been in the house.

I've started reading a book its called MOMumental. It is sooo hilarious! She's a stay at home mom and tells it like it is. So its a MUST read for all my SAHM's and even working moms at that. I started reading it this past Friday while I was subbing and I'm half way through it... I despise to read, so to have half the book read is doing good for me.

I would also like to announce that Brayden is fully potty trained now, no more pull-ups at night, thanks to his daddy! His daddy got that accomplished while he was home. Go Tadpole! Tad and I started our Christmas shopping last week with a trip to Destin. We got B several things and ourselves a few things too :) We ate at AJ's and OMGOSH...the oysters were FANTASTIC!!!! so big and juicy :)

 Brayden enjoyed painting his pumpkin while Izzy and I painted a bookshelf for his play room. We love our craft days...especially painting :)

Brayden and Tadpole... 2 peas in a pod! These boys run me wild!!

 Eli doing his "I'm so cool" pose... aka Wayne Russell look.... Watch Uncle Wayne next time you see him and see if he doesn't hold his head up like this! :) Of course Max just doesn't pay me any attention and is glued to the movie.

Brayden and I last night taking a picture to send to our Tadpole. :)

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