Sunday, September 23, 2012

We are Here, There and Everywhere!

So, its catch up time once again... I've became a slacker once again. :( Here we go..

We are in the house!! Wohoo, the kitchen isn't finished yet, but will hopefully be done tomorrow ;) I'm so excited about seeing the granite around the fireplace. We still have lots of things that aren't in the house. Like our dressers are still at my mommas house and all of Tad's clothes and the majority of mine..Brayden's clothes are all in the house. I think the painter is going to start on the outside sometime this week! I can't wait to see it, its yellow.. Tad picked it out :)

Brayden is growing so fast! He now prays for every meal for the family, if you have a conversation with him he'll say "you think thats a good idea?" I'm like whoa! Where are you learning all this new stuff?? He has FINALLY learned how to ride his bicycle that we got him for his birthday. He's gotten really good about saying Thank you and Your Welcome.

I pick up the Russell kiddos Monday through Thursday from school and keep them until Aunt Sam picks them up. Brayden and I enjoy it, we love to spend time with those kids! :) I went to the Dot Mom conference this weekend, had a good time... I did tear up twice because I missed Brayden. I've never been anywhere without tadpole or my momma. So this was a little out of my comfort zone. I had anxiety about it all last week, but wouldn't let myself back out of it because I knew God wanted me to go hear all the great things that I learned. I made it through and I'm glad that I went! Tad and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on September 5th. We enjoyed our day together in Prattville, Montgomery, Troy and Enterprise :) We traveled all over that day. We had a wonderful day, despite the awful looks we got in Jim N Nicks in Prattville. The people eating there stared us down the whole time we were there, we ate and got OUT!

Brayden and Sophie, I love these 2 kids! They crack me up, They say they are boyfriend/girlfriend. Tad, Brayden and I LOVE us some Sophie now! If Toyia and Kyle would give her to us, we would take her no questions asked :)) Soph decided that she wanted to go home with Brayden and I one day and of course I let her:) She also told me this morning that she was going home with me after church! I might just have to get her one afternoon soon:) *cough*cough* Toyia! *L*
My momma bought an underwater camera for her diving trips and you know us, we HAD to try it out on one of our Saturday pool days!

Dot Mom

Our living room as of this afternoon :)

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