Thursday, August 9, 2012

What a day! Whew...

Yesterday, what can I was a LONG day and a busy day at that. I got up first thing and got ready and dropped B off at school and I headed to Dothan. I had to go register for school :( I so did NOT want to be doing that. Anyway, once I got to school..everything started off wrong, of course I don't have patience for stuff like that. Especially when its something that I really don't want to be doing. The highlight of the morning, was seeing my advisor! (Aunt Sam will understand) :))haha. I finally left school around 11 something. Then I made a visit to see April at work. I then attempted to go to sherwin williams to pick out a stain for the cabinets for the house.... Unaccomplished I might add, I am still very overwhelmed! I went a couple of weeks ago to pick up some samples of the colors we wanted for the house and while I was waiting for the samples, I looked at the different colors of stains, well..... I think I stood there for 10 minutes LOST OUT OF MY MIND!!!!! I have absolutley no idea of what I want. So, now I have the stain samples with me at home...and I am still undecided...and I have to give my contractor a color TODAY! OMG! I know, I have no idea what to do. The guys got finished yesterday afternoon doing the sheetrock for the house and the electric guys are out there now hooking up power! WooHoo! :) Of course the windows didn't come in yesterday like they were supposed too, supposed to be here tomorrow around lunch we will see! Highlight of the afternoon was somebody called about the trailor, they sounded very interested in it. Maybe something good will come about that. :) A little off subject, but I've been "rug" shopping for the house online and at some stores in Destin, did you know rugs are ridiculously expensive??? Its crazy how much rugs cost... with that said...I have yet to purchase a area rug for any room of the house! I don't have any pictures for this blog, I actuall probably do...but I'm to lazy to go find my cord to upload them :) Happy Thursday to everyone!!!!

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