Monday, August 6, 2012

Family Beach Trip 2012

We had our annual Family Beach Trip a couple weeks ago. We normally stay in Destin on the beach, but everything was pretty much booked up. We stayed in SeaCrest between Destin and PCB. It was soooo nice! Very quite and relaxing...not alot of people on the beach but we did catch a wedding at the end of the week :) It was about a 30 minute drive into Destin, which I only made 2 trips there anyway. PCB was much more closer, maybe took 5-10 minutes to get there. I love PCB, I miss our annual PCB trip we used to take everyear before I graduated high school. Anyhow, we had a great time of course, although it does get crazy with 6 families under 1 roof for a whole week. Seaweed was awful :( Sunday we went to St. Andrews Park and seaweed was awful there too. Brayden of course didn't mind and loved diving into the water.

Aunt Sam and I sent all the kiddos with Uncle Wayne and Tadpole at the Commons! :) We took the picture and ran!!HAHAHA
Momma and Uncle Rusty found this during their dive on Sunday at St. Andrew's. They saved it because it was empty and so neat looking. It was really cool in person, well until the crab started to come out!!!! Nope...not empty! I had it on my leg and it started moving around...scared me to death!!! Not cooL!

 Eli rode with us into Destin on that Tuesday. He was watching Open Season 2 and was cracking me up how into the movie he was. I just had to have a picture of him all into it!
 This station wagon was at the outlets when we got there... I immediatly took a picture and sent it to my daddy. We used to always make fun of paneling cars... This one is def. in the top of my list with the blue painters tape! :) bahahaha

 Thursday night, Brayden started running fever :( It was a rough night for us. Friday, no fever that morning so we tried to go out on the beach and he didn't even want to play.. He sat in his chair for a little bit that got in my lap with his towel over him... Made this mommy sad!!! You can tell in this picture that he doesn't feel good at all.

We had a great vacation, but its always nice to come home! We missed our "new" house all week and were very anxious to see it the Saturday we came home.

Happy Birthday to my Aunt Sam! I love you and hope your day has been absolutley wonderful. Hope you enjoyed your sushi tonight :)



  1. Thank you, K! I love you bunches! The sushi was delish and the doughnuts Uncle Wayne brought home were too! ;)

  2. Looked like so much fun!! Love the pic of the car hehe!