Thursday, June 28, 2012

Moving right along

June is coming to an end... which means my summer is getting shorter and shorter! :( I'm ready to start back to school but I've enjoyed not worrying about studying for class or doing homework. The house is coming along! We are so excited about it. Brayden asks every night when the guys leave if we can move in yet, lol. Bless his heart, he's ready to move in his new house! Its moving pretty fast, but I'm sure it'll slow down once they start working on the roof. My sink came in today, I haven't seen it yet in person. Our contractor took it home with him and is bringing it back tomorrow so I can check it out. April and I went shopping today and I got all the towel racks/ tp holders for all the bathrooms and also got the 2 half baths mirrors. I get more enjoyment out of buying that kind of stuff than I do buying clothes and such. We have made some changes this week to the house..mainly just finalized the back deck and extra slab for garage and front porch steps. We did add another closet to the master bedroom. I just felt like we needed some extra room! It is looking bigger! THANK GOODNESS, I'm not freaking out anymore, which I sure my momma and daddy are thankful for... Poor things had to hear me whine about it for 2 weeks. I have 1 more week of working full time, then its down to 2 days a week for me! I can't wait. I enjoy having the extra money, but I miss being home with my boys :( Sometimes I think I can do the whole stay at home mom thing, but those days when Brayden and I clash and get on each others nerves I don't think I can handle being a SAHM... What to do?? I have plenty of time to decide that tho :) Anyway, Its WAY WAY past my bedtime!

This was Oki and I on her birthday, She is 6 years old now... Where has the time gone too??? I love that little mini me to the moon and back.
My sweet overly confused momma! I guess she thought just because she had on her scuba wear that she would see some tropical fish in the pool.... *bahaha*

Our sweet boy before church on Sunday morning!
This is what the house looked like when I got home this afternoon! I told ya, things were moving fast!!! I can't wait to be in it!


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