Friday, June 8, 2012

Lazy to Busy

Okay, I know I've become a huge slacker when it comes to blogging. I say each time I blog that I'll try to be better and blog soon....Well, lately I never do. Since I've started this job, I have found that I no time for the computer really. I get home around 5:30-5:45 each day, we eat supper, B gets a bath and we go to bed! Pretty boring huh? By Friday I am completely worn out. This week was VBS, so I didn't get home until 9-9:00 each night and got up bright and early every morning at 5:15. Tad finally got to call on Wednesday night on my way home from VBS, and I was the happiest girl ever! It was so good to hear his voice. He's been so patient with me this week because I know he's been dieing to know whats been going on with the house and I wasn't able to show him pictures until Wednesday. The house is coming along, its pretty much all blocked up now, waiting on  the plumber to run the pipes and all. It looks so small, it freaks me out.. I called my mom this afternoon and kept asking her if she thought it was going to be to small...haha... she of course laughed at me and said it will be fine! I've complained to Tad enough, that he finally just said that if its not big enough then we'll save some money and build on! *L*I know they all look small before the walls and all start going up, but I have been really freaking out about it.. Tad keeps saying, "Kayla, its bigger than what we live in now" Yes I know that! Brayden goes to the dentist on Thursday and I couldn't be more nervous about it. He hates to brush his teeth! I have to put him in a headlock almost every time. I've tried everything to get him not to scream and pitch a fit about brushing his teeth. Last Friday, I took some pictures to be framed and my momma picked them up yesterday since she had a class in Pensacola. She brought them to me tonight and they look amazing! I can't wait to hang them in the house. When Tad comes home we are going to start buying some of the things we will need for the house, like towel racks...the little things right now, nothing big. We are going to start pricing his grill though and find one he likes. My apron sink is on hold right now, since its so big we really don't have anywhere to store it. We're just going to wait until our contractor tells us he needs it in order to build the cabinet around and under it. My mom finally booked us a house at the beach for the end of July! WTG Mom!!! Good thing is she told me the other day that she's found a house for next year and she'll be booking in by November! *haha* We'll see.....  Our annual mother/daughter/Brayden trip hasn't been booked yet, I think we are just gonna go back to the beach again. I'm not sure when we are going to do it yet. Anyway, its way past my bedtime! Sorry, I just really don't feel like waiting for pictures to upload tonight... WIll do next time. :-)

I know this post is a little scatterbrained, but thats the way I've been for the past couple weeks :)

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