Tuesday, November 23, 2010

RIP little fishy

Okay- I wrote this blog last week, but I still wanted to post this. So, all of this was from last week. I just never got around to putting the pictures with it last week, so I am now! :)

I woke up this morning around 6, and I have no idea why and I could not go back to sleep! So I laid there for awhile with B and finally got myself up. The fish bowl needing cleaning really bad since Monday night, Tad overfeed them and the bowl was FILTHY! I just didnt have time yesterday to clean it since I was at school and DRS all yesterday.  Well when I was trying to get the fish out to clean the bowl I noticed one of this goldfish floating around... Broke my Heart! I know I know its just a fish, but its my little B's first goldfish, and I know that the other 2 are still alive, but I wonder if he'll even notice? Probably not but I do! This makes me want to run to walmart and get him a new one! Anyway, yesterday was soooo long for me! My 8 o'clock class seemed to be 5 hours long yesterday morning, and I wanted to go to sleep so bad. I kept wanting to close my eyes on the way there, but of course I didn't I was driving!haha... I left dance an hour early since Tad had to leave last night, and he left about 20 minutes after I got home :( Bless his heart he was tired too! So after I cooked Fajita's I took the rest to mother and daddy to eat since I didn't want it to go to waste. Brayden has got the WORST temper of any child I have ever seen. He headbutts, throws things and will flat out rollaround and throw a fit! I have no idea where he gets this from, but I've def. got my hands full! He also bit my finger last night because I wouldn't let him have any of my diet coke. It hurt too! This little temper of his has got to go!!! Monday night we ended up going to  Enterprise to Santa Fe for supper,and it was sooo GOOD! :) Tad was supposed to grill wings but the rain wouldn't let him.. Plus he wanted to go out to eat somewhere and that seemed like the best place! Mother Brayden and I are planning on going shopping Saturday to Pensacola for some Christmas shopping. We are almost done with B's Christmas just have to order a few things that I haven't found anywhere, but other than that I think we're doing pretty good ;) We have our parents,grandparents, and a few others to buy for and we're done (i think)lol... I have some more things that I want to get Tad so maybe I will get that done Saturday! Thanksgiving is just around the corner..I can already taste the dressing, ham, spanish rice, green-bean casserole... YUMMY!

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