Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to the old routine

Well we are now about to get back into our routine, Tad left this morning and I start back to school Thursday. So its time for B and I to get back into our ole' routine. Brayden keeps telling me that Tad is at the doctor and that I need to go get him. Then he'll say daddy on a big plane. I love my two boys more than anything, they both drive me crazy and aggravate the livin' stew outta me...but I guess thats what husbands and childern are for...or atleast thats what my momma tells me!*haha* I guess she thinks I aggravate her??? =) I go to school on Tuesday/Thursday's this semester from it! great schedule but I am taking an online class, so say a prayer for me. In the past I haven't had the discipline for online courses but Im doing it this semester with a better outlook!!!!! Tad will miss our 3 year anniversary, but thats okay I'll  have some super duper surprises for him when he gets home :):) We have now started our house fund and we couldn't be more excited about it! Anyway, Tad, my daddy, and I have a bet to see who can lose the most weight while Tad is gone. We weighed yesterday and we'll way the morning after Tad gets home. Whoever wins gets $25 from the other 2. I'm going to win :) I weighed Friday and I had lost 2lbs in a week and when I weighed yesterday I lost 1lb since Friday! Tad being at work, its easier for me to not eat as much, Brayden and I can eat cereal for supper and not have to have a full meal. I didn't go to the gym today, but I did a little walk and workout on Saturday after swimming. I will be going tomorrow after the chiropractor and before picking B up from KW. I'm finally getting my hair done Wednesday! It is way way overdue...I've decided that I ony want to get red this time, no caramel right now. OH OH OH.....My NYC girls trip is less than a month away!!! YAY!!!! I'm soo stinkin' excited, though I am getting very nervous about being that far away from baby boy. I better get supper started for B and I, I'm cooking Japanese chicken, shellsNcheese, and side salad! I'm hoping my Japanese chicken is as good as my hubby's :)

Tad's new toy, his lawnmower, I think he may enjoy riding this than spending time with me ;)*haha* He really is proud of it and of course I'm happy he loves it!

Brayden thought that he needed to play in the sink with the water, he had a BLAST! Needless to say he had water EVERYWHERE!!!!!

 Papa T couldn't wait to use Tad's new toy, and of course B wasn't going to let him enjoy the ride by himself!
 My Husband...... thats about all I have to say to this picture *L* :)

 My other half and I, I miss him already :)
 My daddy, he's special :) He got a bright idea to just get in the pond to fish...well on to the next picture...
 As he was walking back to where we were, his crocs kept getting stuck in the mud, I just knew he was going to fall over but he never did...that would have made for a GREAT picture ;) And wouldn't you know that he had on his NEW crocs that momma had just got him...
 The fish weren't biting so, Izzy and Brayden fed the fish pieces of hotdog...Brayden was a little controlling...

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