Monday, August 8, 2011

Mr. Luke Pierce

Hello everyone! I would LOVE for you to meet the newest addition to the Pierce/Tisdale family...
Luke will join us on September 9 and we cannot WAIT to bring him home! We are super excited to have another dog for the family. :) When we went to pick out the puppy Friday, Brayden was a little scared of them. He kept telling Izzy he wanted to hold one and when she'd try to give him one he would turn away. All the puppies were soo cute, I could just take all of them. We are most definietly a Rottweiler family, this is the third one we have  had. Our first one my Poppie got when I was young and her name was Lily. I can still remember the day he got her and I just fell in love. She lived a long time but I can't really remember why she died, I do know that she had been ran over several times and had a bad foot, but I can't remember what the reason is for why she did die. Then my 8th grade summer we got Lucky! We got him a couple of weeks before we moved into our new house. He had already been named Lucky because he was the only one out of the bunch that made it. So he was born in April 2003 and he died in March 2011. I was very upset when he died, he was the only dog that I had ever had for that long. Brayden loved his Luck Luck, and asked for him awhile after he died, which of course broke my heart. So I have been on top of my mother and daddy about getting another dog. Tad and I don't want to have one at our house simply because of being so close to the dirt road and the dog chasing them. And here lately people that go down our dirt road think they are on nascar or something... yesterday I think every car that went by was at least doing 50... I wanted to just run out there and have a Come to Jesus meeting with them! Anyway, Lucky was the sweetest thing, I can remember taking him for "walks" I know...a Rottweiler for walks...yes...I would put the lesh on him and walk to the mailbox sometimes. He would go inside my parents house sometimes when we would leave the door open when taking groceries in or something, BUT he would never go past the carpet, he was very afraid of the carpet! He was also scared to death to ride in the back of the truck, so you can imagine what it was like taking him to the vet. We are so stoked about getting Luke and I can't wait to see Brayden's reaction when we bring him home.

Today's workout: Treadmill 1.45 miles 25 minutes, 20 Chest Presses 40lbs, 10 Shoulder Presses 30lbs, Bike 2.5 miles 12 minutes, and 12 leg extensions 85lbs. =) Oh and my weight in day is on Friday's so I will try to post every Friday to update how many lbs I've lost in a week! :)

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