Friday, July 22, 2011

So much to do and no motivation

Well its finally Friday and my house is a mess of course and I only have B's things packed for the beach, well most of his things anyway. To begin with Tiff came over Wednesday afternoon to see us, we haven't seen her in several weeks so it was really nice to catch up with her. Brayden loves Tiff, he talks about her all the time and often tells me that he loves her and not me. It makes me happy to know that he loves her as much as his mommy does though! She'll always be in our lives and we love her to death. Anway she stayed and ate supper with us, daddy and Tad grilled steaks for supper :) yummy.. they also baked potatos..BUT I didnt get to eat one :( I only eat a baked potato if I have homemade ranch. Well we were out at home, so I told daddy and Tad to pick up the ranch packet and buttermilk at IGA. They bought the wrong buttermilk and the dressing was GROSS! Tiffany thought it was good, but I hated it and ended up throwing it out. Brayden of course had a hotdog but somehow ended up with Tiff eating her steak...*L* We can home and Tadpole and B played outside for a little while with B's soccer ball. Before leaving mother and daddy's house I had to clean the kitchen since mother was coming home late Wednesday night. What a good/sweet daughter I am! :) Yesterday, I woke up with a headache which by the way I still have today. We had Oki until about 2 something yesterday afternoon, so she helped entertain B while I just relaxed on the couch! =) Tad and my daddy had Howard's for lunch, while I enjoyed a piece of Kelly's chicken. *LoL* Brayden was asleep when they left and I NEVER wake him up from a nap!! He did sleep over 2 1/2 hours though! I was pretty proud of him. AFter Oki left he went to his Granny's house to spend some time with her since she won't see him any next week while we are gone. I just cannot wait to be back at the beach sitting on the balcony with my coffee every morning :) thats probably my favorite part of being at the beach. I do hate that I miss Ino Homecoming every year, I told Aunt Sam that they need to change it for me! :) Back to the whole packing deal, the good thing is that I don't have very many clothes that I can wear so I won't have alot, now Tad on the other as bad as a girl when it comes to packing haha...I love you sweetheart! But this year I'm not taking B's towels from home, no highchair, no babygates, no packNplay and probably a few more things we aren't taking. Tad Brayden and I are riding with momma down there to save car space and daddy will bring his truck when he comes Tuesday. Anyway, I have just realized this week that my NYC trip is not that far away..I mean its almost August. I keep thinking that its several months away but it really isn't. I told momma I could really get use to a vacay every month. Beach in June, Beach in July, Nothing in August ;(, NYC in September, and hopefully Cruise in October! I like this life :)haha.. Tonight, Brandi is having a 31 Gifts Party, I'm excited to see what all they have! ;) Alright, I have got to start cleaning and packing...I just HAVE TOO! My personal packer is a no show this morning, she decided that she needed to go to ROPH instead!(my personal packer would be my momma) =) Have a wonderful weekend and I promise to think of all of you while I'm beaching it up :):):)

My boys while I'm slacking on our packing!*haha*
This is B's bag and what I have packed for him so far!

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