Thursday, July 7, 2011

Maybe a night for blogging... =)

Excuse the man's belly in the background but isn't this the CUTEST picture you have ever seen!!! I love this kid!!!
To be honest I have thought about blogging for the past week and everytime I would sit down to blog I would change my mind. I would either just play on facebook, decide to watch TV, or just go to bed! Which most of you know I would more than likely just be going to bed! So this morning when I checked FB I had a comment on my page from my friend Toyia letting me know that it was time for me to blog, so I decided that I better blog :)  Brayden is already asleep in his bed... I have started a discipline strategy with him, so when he does something he isnt supposed to be doing or gets in trouble for not listening he must go sit on his bed for a few minutes and "rest!" It has actually been going really well and is having some effect! When its time for him to get off the bed I go get him and he looks at me and says "I sweet boy Mommy" so then I let him down to go play or whatever he wants to do. I have also started doing that with nap time, he has to lay on his bed by himself for nap time.... very effective!!! He normally doesn't cry at all when I tell him its nap time that he needs to go lay down. He's growing up so fast and reminds me everyday that he is a BIG BOY! :( Tad is at work so I'm hoping he's going to do the same when he is home, its a good routine I think! He is in Singapore right now and he says that it is very expensive over there... or maybe he's just telling me this so that I won't think he's wasting money! HAHA! I love my tadpole, but he sure loves to eat out! I told him yesterday that he needed to find a dollar menu over there and eat off it for his remaining time in Singapore.. He informed me nothing was a dollar! *lol* So, my mother, my daddy and myself are finally over the stinkin' stomach virus which of course I woke up with Monday morning! Great way to spend the 4th of July! Laying on the couch with every part of my body aching and my stomach turning circles. THANKFULLY Brayden did not catch it! I'm also glad Tad wasn't home to catch it either since we all know how husbands are when they get sick! *haha* =) Though my daddy was sick he couldn't really act like the normal sickly guy because my mother and I were both sick as well!  Thanks to Tad's mother, she took Brayden all day Tuesday for me to have some rest.. It was much needed and I'm so glad that I'm feeling better now! I have noticed that Brayden is getting smarter by the day and he can remember things better than I can! He woke up one morning last week and says "Poppie cut grass", okay so TWO nights before we were at mother and daddys and my poppie came down to get the key to Uncle Wayne's lawnmower to cut his grass and of course Brayden wanted to know all about Poppie cutting the amazes me at the things he remembers! He is such a mess like his daddy, I don't know what I'm going to do when he gets older...I'm sure I'm going to have a head full of gray hair! I have 2 weeks left of summer semester, 6 days till Tad comes home, 2 weeks and 1 day until we leave for our Family Week Beach Trip! I'm super excited about our beach trip and getting away to wake up to the sound of the ocean every morning, having coffee with my family on the balcony! Tomorrow, Brayden my mother and I are going to Dothan for my doctor's appointment and then going to Target! :) I'm still in love with my cricut and pretty much use it a couple times a week! Anyway, I guess I'll share some pictures from the past couple of weeks! :) Enjoy!
 He loves to get in Papa T's ice chest and play in the water! :)
 Always going through mommy's wallet like daddy! HAHA!

 Daddy and Brayden taking a nice nap in B's bed! :)

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