Thursday, July 14, 2011

Daddy's Home= I get Mommy time! :)

This picture was yesterday afternoon when we leaving the house heading to Dothan to pick up daddy!! He was very happy ;)
Yes I know I said in my last blog that I probably wouldn't blog anymore this week, but Tad and Brayden are already in bed asleep. Tad is extremely worn out, he doesn't sleep well the first night home, so he has been tired all day long and has crashed now. I guess Brayden decided since he was laying with him  that he just needed to go to sleep too. :) We've had a good today, Tad was up when I got up and had coffee made and about 10 minutes after I got up in walked the cutest little boy with 2 pillows saying "mommy  piwwos (pillows)" I LOVE the mornings when he just wakes up, he is the sweetest and cutest little boy! Tad cooked us breakfast and then we all got baths and went to Andalusia to Izzy's office and WalMart. We got 2 new fish and we also got Madagascar 2! Tad said this afternoon that he's only been home a day and he's already tired of watching Madagascar. *haha* So tomorrow we will be watching the second one! Tad started weedeating this afternoon and thankfully got all of it done before it started pouring down rain. I always offer to cut the grass, but my daddy won't allow me to even get on his lawnmower and I'm sure Tad's dad wouldn't really want me on his either. The story behind why my daddy won't let me on the lawnmower if because 2 weeks after we got our tractor he let me drive it and what did I do??? WRECK IT! I was putting it in the barn and I ran straight into the bushhog in front of the tractor. Needless to say I'm suprised the he even lets me drive his golfcart.. By the way, Brayden and I did not make it to Target yesterday...I know I know..I can't believe it either but by the time we got done in Michael's I was completely worn out! This morning was so funny, Brayden had a stinky and refused for me to change it, he kept saying "daddy do it daddy do it" If you know Tad, he HATES to change a stinky diaper...he was not happy at all about it, but I found it very amusing.
Daddy and Brayden waiting for our supper at Chili's, yes I know Tad looks tired but I was NOT cooking when we got home... Brayden on the other hand is EXTREMELY happy :)
 These pictures are backwards, This was yesterday morning before school and yes he was watching Madagascar..
 This boy loves him some bananas... in his words "baby bites" he knows he has to take baby bites or he'll get choked!
 Both of the new fish are on the right side... I know its really hard to see the 2nd fish but he's on the middle thing..

 I told you my boys were out, they look so sweet! I know your thinking, why do they have a dark brown pillow with tan/ green bedding?...Well, the dark brown pillow goes to our new bedding and we never got around to put the sheets and comforter on this afternoon after I got it all washed, I was just able to get the pillow cases on the pillows...
Anyway, tomorrow is Friday! that means 1 week and 1day until we leave for the beach :):) I have lots of things to do tomorrow, clean the house AGAIN! Our house gets to dirty in just 1 stinkin' day...I don't understand sometimes.. We have some wonderful friends coming over tomorrow night, so I've got a little bit of cooking and baking to do also! Have a GREAT weekend :)

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  1. *LOL* I didn't even think about the pillows. You are funny.