Saturday, July 9, 2011

Copy Cat :)

Okay so, Toyia did a blog a couple of days ago about some facts about her that you might not know. Well I thought it was pretty cool and thought I would blog about some things that you might not know about me! So yes I'm being a copy cat! *haha* Maybe she won't mind :)

- I loves spending time with my family and friends..
- I'm a huge momma and daddy's girl..
- I don't have many friends, it tends to bite you in the hiney most of the time..
- I'm an only child and a typical only child which means I'm spoiled rotten.. and now Tad helps out with that too :)
- I recently got a new camera and I still have no idea how to work it..
- My cricut expression is one of my best friends ;)haha
- I have watched the movie Finding Nemo until I know every single word..
- Tap dancing is my passion and I do it in my sleep..
- I'm very nosey and I hate secrets, I like to know whats going on..
- I can swim like a mermaid underwater :)
- I would wear water shoes at the beach if I didn't think I would look completely stupid..
- I do not eat ribs!
- I go to Olive Garden just for the mints after your meal..
- Five Guys Burgers and Fries is my favorite fast food..
- Dippin Dots are definitely my weakness..
- I always feel smarter after a good talk with DRS
- I wish I could cook like Rachel Ray..
- Owning a cupcake shop is a dream..
- I love being a mommy and wife to 2 special boys..
- I was not your typical teenager, I liked staying home with my parents on weekends..
- In August I will be starting my 5th year of college for a Bachelor's Degree..
- I'm lazy and could lay on the couch all day long..
- Have you ever heard the saying "She's got champagne taste, on a beer budget?" Well I'm that girl..
- Stress overpowers me and its something I stuggle with everyday..
- I am by far the moodiest person you will ever encounter..
- I know how to put on a smile and act proper when in that situation..
- I've always wanted a penthouse on the Upper East Side in NYC..
- I could definitely drop a couple thousand dollars on Jimmy Choos and not feel guilty if I never wore them..
- In high school, I was the mean girl who didn't care if she hurt your feelings..
- I'm very judgemental, I hate that I am... I am trying to work on that...slowly but surely..
- My parents know that if they come back from a vacay, the need to have me a gift so that I don't completely go A-Wall on them..
- I had a emotional breakdown my senior year and didn't talk to my friends for almost a month..
- At high school graduation as I walked on stage I had a panic attack and couldn't breathe..
- Tad is by far the perfect husband for me...we're so spoiled..
- Offshore wife was definitely what God wanted me to be..
- Pregnancy with Brayden has made me very emotional.. I never cried during movies before having him..

Well those are some things that maybe you did or didn't know about me.. Have a great Saturday night!! =)

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  1. I sure did learn a lot :)!! I have never eaten at 5 guys actually... And I can't see you as being the mean girl? I think you have changed a lot. God seems to do that in people :)!!