Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall...YAY! :)

This weather this morning is absolutely wonderful! I hope it stays "cool". Yesteday Tad and I went to look at a house that we've been looking at for over a year now. They lowered the price on it a good bit and so we decided that we would go check it out. We haven't seen the inside of this house in about 3 years so we were sure if we still liked it or not. We looked at the house which was very "dirty" since it is a foreclosure home and lots of fixtures were missing from almost every room. We still "like" the house but its just not for us and we decided that we don't want to be away from my parents. Therefore, we are just going to build a house to our liking and our taste and not have to worry about remodeling a house or having to fix a house. Tad, B and I went to Dothan yesterday afternoon/night for a little Christmas shopping and to eat for Tad's birthday since he's leaving on his b-day to go to AK for the game. We had just planned on looking for Christmas ideas/gifts, but we ended up buying B a few things. We went ahead and bought his swingset, which by the way we got an extremely GREAT deal on... if your looking to buy a wooden one Toys R Us is the place! The one we got is a regular 1200 dollar swing set that we got for less than 800 dollars!Now thats a deal, thats the main reason we went ahead and bought it, I was afraid if we waited then it wouldnt be that cheap by actually Christmas shopping days. Now we have no idea where we're going to put it for the mean time, but PaPa T and Izzy will help us find somewhere I'm sure!*haha*  After we ate at Mikata's we went back to Enterprise and stopped at Lowe's to just see what appliances and things for a house is going to cost us, since we want to buy those out of pocket. We also picked up some house plan books just to look at, we found 1 we like with a few changes to make! We are actually very serious now about building, so that means no more "shopping sprees" for the Tisdale Family :) Then we went to WalMart, and of course bought the whole When we got to WalMart we told B that he could have some MnM's if he was sweet. I went to the restroom right when we got there and by the time I got out Tad had already gave him some MnM's. To keep him "quiet" we let him eat them. Tad needed a junk drive for his new deer camera, so we were in the electronics section... Next thing I know, B has spilt that whole thing of MnM's all over the floor... I was so mad but I wanted to laugh sooooo bad. I just walked off and of course he screamed bloody murder after that. He kepts yelling at me telling me to pick them up.. Am I REALLY REALLY sure I want another child???REALLY???? Our first theory is that the next child is going to be calm only because its going to be scared to death to do anything because of Brayden freaking out on the baby. Then the other day mother and I were talking about another baby, and she says "What if B turns out to be the good one?" I just replied "I have no idea!" If B turns out to be the good child, I will be in the crazy house! Everybody's always like Brayden is just so sweet, PEOPLE...he puts on an act!!! Don't be seduced by his cute little face! He's completely ROTTEN! He does have his sweet moments but most of the time Tad and I are trying not to pull our ears off and pull our eyes out! He definetly is giving us a run for our money and patience! BUT I wouldn't trade that little monster for anything in this world! I love that he drives me crazy and runs me everywhere and just screams at me for no reason at all! :)

This was Wednesday night after bath, doesn't he look to cute? Normally after bath are his "sweet" moments!*haha*
 Daddy and Brayden waiting to eat at Mikata's last night :)
 I forgot to put this picutre on my last blog, Tad reached Platinum Medallion in sky miles, so he got to choose a gift and he let me pick. I picked a $200 gift card from Tiffany & Co :) Monday I will receive a sterling silver beaded bracelet that says I Love You on it! :) Thank you Tadpole :)
My boys this morning in their AU attire! War Eagle! :)

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

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