Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mommy Graduates in May!! WOOOHOOO!

So, Yes you read the title correct! I graduate in May! Can you believe it?? I can but I also can't... in my daddy's words.. "I'll believe it when I see it" HAHA! This semester has by far been my hardest and busiest. I've had to really tighten down on my schoolwork and put a lot more effort in. I will be graduating in Dothan, Thank goodness! I've missed Dothan campus soooooooooooo much, I'm hoping to maybe be able to go back for Spring Semester. Anyhow, Tad is at school this week, so its just me and B. I took my nails off tonight, I've had them since before we went to the beach in July! For me, thats a LONG time...they just really started getting on my nerves and now I'm on a weekly budget and can't allow to spend $27 every 2 weeks. Tad and I are saving for a house and a weekly budget was a must for us! I know and probably everyone else knows that we can blow some money, but now we are realizing that we really want to build and need to stop spending and save it :) Christmas is coming up so we are saving for it also, and thats a big bill too! Although, I already have several things for Christmas gifts! So I have to share this, the other day Tad, my daddy, me and B were in the garage at my parents and Tad told B to go do something and B responds by saying "Hang on I gotta scratch my butt"bahaha...Now where he got this I have no idea...but bless his heart his hiney was itching him. He's catching on fast, when I ask him to do something, he has started saying "Just a Minute"...Classic!He's getting to big for his britches! Actually and Literally he isn't! Bless his heart his 24 month jeans fall slap off, so you can imagine his 2T jeans. The 18 month jeans are a bit to short so I have no choice for 24 or 2T. And he pretty much FREAKS out on me if I put big boy pants(jeans) on him, he loves his baby pants(shorts). Enjoy the next pictures, B is asleep and its way past my bedtime, time to cuddle with my little B! :) Have a wonderful Week Guys!
These 2 little kiddos gavew Nina and I a run for our money on last Friday at the parade! They are a HUGE MESS!!! :)
 He said he was going to town for a bug juice and a ring pop!
 My little lizard, him and his Papa T love to catch lizards and play with on the other hand I snapped a picture and walked far away!
A cup I did for Tad's aunt for gift, thought it turned out really cute! :) This cup was for Elba Tigers, but Also cute for Opp Bobcats!
My new car tag! That I have yet to put on my car... haha
Brayden and Oki's little wrestling match Saturday afternoon!

I made cupcakes last week for Tad's birthday but we asked for more yesterday afternoon, they are SO yummy, Red Velvet cupcakes with Vanilla Cream Cheese Icing! :):)
 He is the most cutest thing when he's sleeping *L*
 Me and my Sweet Tadpole, I might just miss him this week! :)
 Hiding from Mommy, we cover our eyes when we get ready to tickle each other :)
Helping Daddy pack for school this morning. What a sweet and cute little helper!

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