Monday, October 17, 2011

New York New York :) Girl's Trip 2011-Part 1

New York Girl's Trip 2011 Thursday Sept 15-Sunday Sept 18

Our day started at 1:30 on that Thursday morning! Can you say too early??? I can, I was so tired but yet SO EXCITED! I love love love NYC and just couldn't wait to be there. I think we finally left the house around 2:30 or 2:45 I'm not sure... Our flight was leaving out of Ft.Walton on to ATL then to NYC. Mother, Aunt Gail and I rode together and Cindy and Anna rode together, and Jana was flying from Montgomery to ATL. The picture below is mother and I waiting to board in Ft.Walton!
We got to ATL,met Jana and didn't have a long wait to board the plane for NYC. :) We were just some southern belles headed to the big city for some big fun! *haha* We arrived in NYC I think around 11:30 and we had our cab/tahoe waiting us at baggage! Our driver had a long orange beard! A few pictures of us in the ride to our room to drop off our luggage!

 On the way into Manhattan, going through the tunnel.. and No Aunt Gail didn't freak out TOO bad! *bahaha*
We went to Little Italy for lunch, we ate at Casa Bella, my food was amazing! It did start raining on us on our way to Little Italy so we had to make a pit stop to buy umbrellas on the side of the street! :)

Before heading back to the room to get ready for our Broadway play, we made a pit stop at Serendipity for a little dessert! :) Below is my chocolate cake/chocolate fudge/brownie/icecream/whipcream was soo stinkin' good!!!!

 I think this picture is out of order, but it says Tad's Steaks...shouldn't Tad be getting a part of the profits??? haha!
 Heading to watch Priscilla Queen of the Desert... This play was hilarious, but its def. not for most def. have to have a sense of humor! Its not a play that DRS would approve of, but I'm glad we saw it!

 Me momma and Aunt Gail in the Palace Theatre waiting for Priscilla to start! :)

All of us after the show!
Momma, Me and Anna at The View! It took me about 15-20 minutes to figure out that we were moving! It was pretty awesome! I was soo tired, by this time it was after midnight or either right there at it...

Friday, Mother and I had a mother-daughter morning! It was so nice:) Aunt Gail and Anna went down to battery park and Jana and Cindy went to eat breakfast at some restraunt, I just can't think of the name of it right now! Mother and I spent our morning by eating a nice breakfast and heading down to Klienfields, we wanted to stop by CakeBoss on TimeSquare we just didn't have time too.

After Klienfield's, we met up with everyone else and headed over to Brooklyn for their famous pizza! Brooklyn is like a total different country, so different from Manhattan! Hoping to make it to the Bronx in June and check it out!

 One of our Pizzas, They were "okay" not my favorite, but I guess its a must if your in Brooklyn...the place was PACKED OUT!!!

After we got finished with our pizzas, we headed to find the Brooklyn Bridge and walk across it to Manhattan! :)

 Okay, Next Blog will be the rest of Friday and all of Saturday! :) Walking over the brige was a good walk! If you get in the bike lane, don't think they'll stop for you to move, they'll just honk their bike horns at you and if you don't move...well thats your fault!*L* The Manhattan skyline from the bridge was gorgeous and I'm sure its even better at night time!!

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