Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Procrastination, Mushy Rice, and a Brave little boy!

Our week has been great so far, Monday I started on my homework that is due tomorrow and our Tiff came to see us. We haven't seen her in awhile and were starting to miss her crazy self.  Tad grilled New York strips (they were on sale at IGA) and I made homemade mashed potatos, corn on the cob and green beans. It was yummy once Tadpole got the steaks done. Tad and daddy ended up sitting outside a while Monday night just "talking"*lol* Men are trully just as bad as women about talking :) Anyway, they had to call the police because a crazy driver came flying down our dirt road and Tad said they didnt hit their brakes until they got the wood line between our land and Ms. Richards land which is right past where the road turns to pavement. Luckily they didnt hit anything and just completely turned their vehicle around. I didn't know any of this until Tuesday when Tad told me about it. B and I were already asleep when it happend,Tad couldn't believe that I didn't hear the people's braves squeal. Tuesday, thankfully I only had my first class, cause I was so tired. I haven't been sleeping well again...story of my life...I toss and turn ALL night long, I can't get comfy and I just lie there in bed wide awake. I did cook a pretty good meal Tuesday night though, we had baked lemon-pepper chicken, homemade Mac-N-cheese, green beans, and mexicorn.Yummy! Today, we had a busy morning, I'm hoping to become a volunteer at Sav-A-Life and I went and picked up my form today:) I'm super excited about it. We went by LBW and got my transcript sent to Troy so that I can graduate in May! Got some things scanned and emailed for Tad's work stuff  at mother's office. The rest of the day I have been procrastinating doing my homework and now I have finally got it finished at 9:00...I really should try to work on that... Tonight Tad cooked chicken and beef tips Japanese style and I cooked friend rice and mac-n-cheese. Our fried rice turned out mushy :( I also buy and use the boil n the bag rice, because I can't seem to cook any other kind of rice...well obviously since our rice was mushy tonight. Tad put on regular rice tonight and left me with it... so guess what?? I cooked it to long.. and it soaked up to much water.UGH! I was looking forward to some fried rice, Tad said it was good, I didn't even try it. So now I've got everything done, homework is done, kitchen's clean, B is bathed and teeth brushed and we are about to go crawl in bed. Oh to the last part of the title.. I have one brave boy, he isn't scared of anything except when I start to get up and woop him. Tonight he kept opening the screen door and I kept telling him no, so I was saying Brayden and he would reply WHAT??? ohh that soo doesn't go over well with this mommy! So I replied Excuse me??? he says HUSH MOMMY.....OH BOY! It was ON like a chicken bone then! This little boy could care less if he gets in trouble or not. He thinks he's the boss but Mommy's got news for him... We are fixing to tighten down on his little temper tantrums and backtalking. :) Anyway, tomorrow is Tad's birthday supper, his birthday is Friday but he and my daddy are leaving Friday morning going to AK for the weekend to watch the AK and AU game on Saturday. I'm making him swirled cupcakes with homemade cream-cheese icing :) How sweet am I???  I have to take Aunt Sam's kids to school in the morning, so say a prayer that they'll be on time and that I'll make it to school on time too. Well, B is asking to go lay down in bed...Enjoy the few pictures :)

B and I this afternoon playing tickle in the floor.. He loves to take pictures on my phone just not the big camera!
 This was Saturday, He thought he was going to try to leave me, he was def. trying to get away... :)

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