Monday, January 9, 2012

Terrible Two's or High Strung Child???

To begin with, its been meltdowns meltdowns meltdowns at the Tisdale house... Saturday Tad B and I went to Dothan to have a day together and get Tadpole a North Face jacket since Eagle Eye was having a GREAT sale. We had a giftcard for Chili's :) I know your all surprised that we ate there*L* Brayden was so bad in Chili's, I think thats the first time that Tad and I have ever been really embarrased from all his screaming and crying :( I normally can tune it out and it doesn't bother me, but Saturday was awful.. I just wanted to cry. So we are as fast as we could and got out of there. We went a few more places after that and headed back home!!! We had a wonderful night, we just relaxed. Brayden went down to Izzy and Papa T's house for a little bit. Tad and I ate supper, watched a movie, finished the laundry and then I went and got B and came back home. Tad left early Sunday morning for Texas and Brayden and I headed to church. We started the Not a Fan series, which is sooo good by the way. I was looking forward to Sunday night after watching the first part Sunday morning. After church we are lunch with Nina and Landon at Rancho, by the way was packed out!! How did lunch go??? HORRIBLE! What did B do the whole time??? you guessed it...SCREAMED! I had to take him to the bathroom and have a come to Jesus meeting. So my nerves were shot by the time we got our food, his screaming and Rancho being packed out did not mix.. I don't do well in big crowds like that at all!!! When we got home I immediately changed both of our clothes and made B lay down for a nap. That didn't go so well so I rocked him..when that didn't work I made him lay on my bed and watch tv till he fell asleep...Guess what? That didn't work either! He cried and cried the whole day... Oh I forgot to mention that while we were at Rancho, he bit the fire out of right palm. It hurt so bad, but I just let him do it.  Needless to say Brayden didn't get a nap yesterday, and I was not about to take him to church for him to act a fool and his teachers have to put up with his screaming. So I had to miss the second part of the Not a Fan series :(. About 6 last night I just gave B a bath, thinking it might help him go to sleep.. When we get out of bath we always brush our teeth. Brayden of course had a meltdown about me brushing his teeth and bit my left arm. I have a huge bruise today. He didn't end up going to bed until after 10 last night.. I text Tad and told him I have no idea whats going on with Brayden but we have got to fix it! Then Aunt Sam called cause I had texted her letting her know why we weren't at church and text her a pic of my arm. After I got off the phone with her, I just completely had a meltdown myself... I just sat on the couch and cried my eyes out. I never cry, I'm NOT a cryer (sp?) at all.. But I had had all I could yesterday and needed to let it out. Today, we went to Dothan for Landon's birthday! He's 3 years old today!!! Happy Birthday Landon Parker, B and I love you bunches :) We celebrated his birthday at Chuck E Cheese's and the boys had a ball. We were pretty much the only people there so we just let them run wild for the most part. Nina and I enjoyed playing a few games too ;) Then we went and did a little shopping... So who do you think whose child has a meltdown leaving Hobby Lobby??? Yes, your right, My child! He was screaming, crying, kicking...everything you can think of. Nina said, "does he do this everytime yall shop" my answer was "Yes, Now you know why we shop while he's a daycare!!!!" So, no nap today either... The boys fussed half way home...They are more like brothers than best friends! It was that "he's touching me" kind of fussing. UGH! Nina and I just talked louder! *haha* Anyway, B just fell asleep and its after 10 AGAIN. It's back to daycare this week, but we are super excited that we will be spending our afternoons with the Russell Kiddos! I'm picking them up this week and next week from school. I'm praying that the terrible two's or whatever is going on with Brayden goes away fast. I love that boy with all my heart, but boy oh boy I could do without the screaming and kicking because I don't get my way meltdowns. I'm getting tired and I'm to lazy to get my camera and upload the pictures from today, but I promise to do it tomorrow ;) I hope everyone is having a great night!

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