Tuesday, January 3, 2012

B's first haircut, New Years Eve, Nina's baby supper..

Little B got his first haircut last Thursday, :(. I know I know, most children get their first haircut around a year but my child didn't have hair at a year old. So he was 2 years and 8 1/2 months old for his first haircut! He looks like a big boy now with his baby curl in the back :( He screamed the WHOLE time while Nonnie cut his hair...he hated it! After it was all over I gave him a ring pop even though he screamed. I don't have any pictures of him during the haircut on my camera but my mom does. I had to hold him while Nonnie was cutting his hair so I wasn't able to snap shots! But I do have some of his hair in a plastic bag for a keepsake!

New Years Eve we just hung out at my parents house, my Uncle Rusty,Wendy and 3 kids, Aunt Chan and Tucker came over. Uncle Rusty had set up his music equipment so he could entertain us with his awesome singing ;) The Auburn game was on so of course my husband was glued to the TV for awhile!

What a sweet picture!
Daddy and B shooting fireworks! B enjoyed helping. 
My handsome hubby

Tucker, JC and Brayden watching the fireworks
Izzy and B say "wow" *L* 
JC acting crazy, but look at Reedo's sweet smile :)

Me and my crazy hubby

Last night we had Nina a baby supper for baby Baylie. I made some cupcakes and Tiff and I cooked hamburger steak w/ gravy, mashed potatos, macoroniNcheese. It was yummy! Then we gave Nina her baby gifts. Tiff nor my gift was wrappped! haha... hers was in the JCP bag and mine was in the target bag. :) I got Nina a Avent sterilizer, which you she knew thats what I was getting her. I had to order it online so it wasn't here in time to give it to her last night, but it should be here today. So I just bought her some new bottle nipples, girly washclothes and some pink hangers! Last night was the first night that we've all been able to hang out together in several months. I enjoy getting together with them and letting Landon and B play...well fight together...bahaha... You would think they were brothers or something with the way that they fight with each other. Nina and Tiff tend to think that B is going to be like me and boss Landon around...haha...probably true. I still boss Nina and Tiff around even though they are older than me... They know I do it because I only want to the best for them, and of course to do things my way! :) They're learning though... Now that we're older they tend to ask me my opinion before they do something... rather than do it and I chew them out about it.. *haha*

Nina's redneck gift wrapping :)

Brayden and I slept till almost 8 this morning, we were tired! He was supposed to go to school this morning since he hasn't been in 2 weeks but he's been coughing pretty bad this morning :( but seemed to start feeling better after about an hour of being up. I had planned on going to Dothan today to swap my mother's north face jacket for her, but I think I'll just go tomorrow. Instead we have been relaxing and went and had lunch with Nina and Landon.Tadpole got up in the freezing cold this morning and went hunting... I can't believe he went..its entirely to cold outside to sit in a tree stand. Now, we are at home being lazy once again. I've been trying to get B to take a nap for over an hour now, and I've made no progress. Looks like he won't be getting to go swing today if he doesn't take a nap soon.

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