Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ohh how we miss you....

 To start my day off I woke up around 4:15 cause I heard Tad open the dryer to get his hunting clothes out.. Well I forgot to put them in the dryer last night ;( I felt so bad, I jumped up and immediately started asking Tad what time he needed to leave, apologizing for forgetting to put them in the dryer, and putting the clothes in the dryer. I felt sooooo bad! He wasn't mad and kept telling me to go back to bed...but I just couldn't. So I said you don't have any more clothes? He said no that was everything... so then I felt worse... I said well maybe if you wait to get dressed right when daddy pulls in the yard to pick you up they'll be dry. I did not want to be the reason he didn't get to go hunting this morning. Well he said he texted my daddy to call him before he left the house that he would just get my daddy to bring him some clothes and if not he would just not go and go back to bed.. So I then went and got in bed but did not go to sleep...I kept watching the time and looking outside for my daddys headlights. I got to be 4:30 I went and checked the clothes, they were still wet.. I got back in bed and daddy was running late thank goodness, so they didn't leave the house until 4:47. So the clothes got a little more time to dry than what I had thought. Well Tad text me around 8:30 and said I guess you my good luck today....He got him a 6 point! I was so happy! :) He hasn't killed anything this year and was starting to get a little discouraged. Needless to say when I got home from church tonight and talked to him about his clothes, he said he froze all the way to the hunting club, my daddy had the ac on for the defroster.... Bless his heart I know he must have been cold... he said while he was hunting the best part was when the sun came out and was beaming down on him!

After Brayden and I did our stuff in Andalusia today we went and hung out with Aunt Sam and Oki! I sure do miss them living 5 seconds away from me! I think they miss me too :) Aunt Sam and I got to catch up for awhile, and I enjoyed spending some time with her! B enjoyed playing with his Oki too. Eli (the teenager) had a friend over, so he ignored us! *haha* Maxwell James was at Trevor's house. Oki ended up coming home with us while Aunt Sam went to Andy to get Max. We played outside when we got home, Oki and B enjoyed swinging while I pushed them :) They kept telling me higher higher higher, that thing can only go so high!*L* We came inside around 5:15 so that I could start supper so we wouldn't be late for church.. I normally give B a bath before Wednesday night church but I let him slide this time and enjoy his time playing with Oki, minus the meltdowns he had!

I did take a few more pictures, but something is going on with my uploader thing on here, it takes like 10 minutes to upload 1 picture and then it might or might not even show up! UGH! Makes me mad. Anyway, we have a great day planned tomorrow! Nina, Landon, Nina's 2 nieces and our Tiff is coming over for lunch a play date! Brayden has already made all kinds of plans for his play date! *L* Then tomorrow late tomorrow afternoon B gets his first haircut! :) Goodnight ya'll!

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