Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wonderful Days with me Boys

I was doing pretty good there for a little while with blogging then just started slacking off. I'm going to try my best to get better again :) Its Thursday and Christmas is on Sunday, I'm getting very excited about seeing B's face Christmas morning when he sees what Santa brings him. The swing set is finished, just havent hug up the swings yet. Brayden has seen it and thinks its Luke's dog house*L* I've gotten all my shopping done and if I don't I'm sorry I'll get you something later...that pertains to my mother!!! She is the most difficult person to buy for. She buys everything she wants herself which leaves us nothing to buy her. She loves kitchen gadgets and stuff like that but DEMANDS that nobody get her "cooking/cleaning" stuff for Christmas. Unlike me, I asked for a new vaccum cleaner :) She's been wanting to red square dishes for a few years now, but just wouldn't buy them. So, I told her my plan was to let her pick out which dishes she wants after Christmas and I'll buy them! :) That way its AFTER Christmas when she gets her dishes because dishes means you have to cook something to eat off of them. Unless she expects me to cook the meals to put on them....hahaha...and honestly thats probably her plan...I know how she works! :) Love you momma! A couple of weeks ago I realized that our couch cushons could zip off, so I washed them last night! Two of them were dry this morning and so I've put them back on and they look great, so clean. Now if I could just get the back cushons washed, but they don't come off :(. I have been very much enjoying spending time with my boys and not have to worry about doing schoolwork. Yesterday it rained most of the day, and Tad and I were able to play with B and really talk about some things that we needed to discuss. I got both bathrooms cleaned yesterday too! Today I've got to dust, vaccum, and clean B's room.. Let me tell you I have put my cricut to good use this past week and a half! I have made 4 cake plates, 26 ornaments, 2 christmas gifts that I can't mention :), a piggy bank, and a platter. I am cricutted out for a little while! I still enjoy it, but boy do I make a huge mess with all the vinyl and all. Tadpole is hunting today, so its just me and B here at home to do some cleaning today!

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