Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Trees, Santa Claus and Jesus' Birthday!

I am so glad that Christmas is over. I very much enjoy spending time and getting to see my family BUT the presents and trees overwhelm me. As of yesterday my house is back to "normal" I guess you could say. I love having the tree up, but after about a week of it being up its time for it to be down... I grow more and more like my mother everyday I think...She threatened to take hers down yesterday afternoon!*L* She didn't though. The only thing left of our Christmas decor is our door hanger, just because I forgot about it and when I realized I forgot about it, I just said I'll take it down tomorrow! Oh and our Santa Flag too... I've got to put our AU flag up for the game on Saturday. Anyway we had a wonderful Christmas and Santa was very good to little B. Mommy and Daddy got some good stuff too! :)

 Some of Mommy and Daddy's gifts :) You can't see it but Mommy got sorrelli, Kitchen Aid mixer, Rachel Ray cookware, Rachel Ray casserole dishes! Daddy got a new coffee pot, George Forman grill, Fishing game with reel for the Wii, some Polo shirts, and lots of other stuff :)
 Santa also brought B a swing set, he must have been really good...*L*

 Daddy and Papa T were pretty excited that they got their smoker that they've been wanting for the past several months!
Brayden with his own "epad" (nabi) This kid is more high tech than his mommy...

 Granny and Pawpaw were pretty excited themselves about their new flat screen TV!

We had a great Christmas and loved sharing the meaning of Christmas with Brayden, this year he was really able to understand that it was Jesus' birthday and that we are celebrating him! Today, Brayden and I went to Dothan to take back some jeans I had bough at Belk a couple of weeks ago and of course everywhere was a MAD MAD MAD house, people are crazy when it comes to getting a bargain. Brayden and I watched Zookeeper that Santa brought him last night and it was too cute! Ohh and we got Izzy a Christmas present today! She realized on Christmas Eve morning that her camera was messed up and wouldn't read the card. Something inside the camera was messed up and wouldn't lock the sd card in. So while B and I were in WalMart we picked her up a new Nikon coolpix camera! She was surprised (i think) I hope she likes it. The only thing is it isn't touch screen like her other coolpix but she called a few minutes ago and said that it got good reviews on the interent! :) Anyway, tomorrow Tad and papa T will be going hunting all day again. B and I have to go to Andalusia to scan some paperwork for our new insurance at mother's work and then we'll have church tomorrow night ;) Thursday, hopefully we got to finally see our Tiff and Nina and Landon! We have missed those goobers! It feels like months since we've all seen each other. Brayden asks at least 3 times a day for Landon to come to his house to play. SO sweet! AND Thursday afternoon Brayden is getting his FIRST haircut! :( I can't believe he actually has enough hair to cut now. He's 2 1/2 years old and is finally needing a haircut.  I'm loving spending all this time with B and not worrying about school or anything else. I love my time with my tadpole too, but he's trying to kill us a monster buck this week and next. :) It's not going so well since he's only seeing a empty food plot! *haha*  Both of my boys are passed out right now, I can hear Tadpole snorring from the bedroom (im in the living room) and B is asleep beside me. I've been watching Teen Mom while doing this blog and normally I'm forcing my eyes open while watching this show, but tonight I'm not tired. I think I'm going to put in Monte Carlo that my MIL bought me for Christmas. :) Anyway, I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and a Happy New Year just in case I don't blog any more this week!

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