Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Southern Christmas

Well its a little over a week before Christmas and its short-sleeve weather...WHAT? It was freezing cold last week, I couldn't get warm in 3 shirts. Now I'm burning up in a thin long sleeve? This is DEFINETLY a Southern Christmas.

Saturday my momma and I enjoyed a mother/daughter day of shopping in Destin. Our goal was to finish shopping for my daddy and Tadpole...Well.... We got many great things for ourselves! :)*lol* Let me tell you the Polo outlet, was PACKED! I mean it was packed out. Of course my mother and I were part of the crazy people that waited in that 15 minute line to check out. There were several people that just put their stuff back and left. I would have too if I wouldn't have been getting Tad some new jeans and some long sleeve t-shirts that he needed VERY badly! Poor hubby has hardly any long-sleeve shirts that aren't courtesy of BP.*L* I did get a few stocking stuffers though, but once we got home Saturday night we realized that we really didn't buy as much for ourselves as we thought we did. :) We even have a few things that we are taking back! Sunday, I was completely stressed out, finals were this week and my most dreaded one was on Monday. I was so stressed that I keep making myself sick to my stomach. :( Finals are over thankfully and I have time to spend with my two boys. B is going to daycare this week, but won't be going next week unless I have to do something where he can't go. Right now, he'll be home with mommy and daddy. Which I'm sure tadpole will be hunting alot next week since my daddy will be off. Although, they better get to finishing that swing set!!!! I can't wait to see what it looks like all put together, they've got one side of it almost complete. They didn't work on it today, they went and worked at the hunting club. I had my last final at 1:15 today so B went to school and I picked him up afterwards. We came home and I made cupcakes for his Christmas party at school tomorrow. It was the first time I've made buttercream icing and boy did I make a mess... I'm not use to doing things like that at my house, I even tinted the icing myself =) I think I did pretty good not having my Aunt Sam around for help. BUT watching her do it a thousand times does help my skills! I also did some things on the cricut yesterday and today. I've got an order for 15 ornaments and I only had 8 balls. So tomorrow I've got to make a trip to WalMart for more balls, hoping that they still have some. After critcutting and making cupcakes, B and I did manage to get ourselves to church. I can't thank God enough for everything he does for myself, my family, and everyone else in the world...but I know he knows I'm grateful for everything he has blessed me with. He gives me life lessons that sometimes I don't quite understand or might not like, BUT he knows the reason for those lessons and I always know that through him I will get through it! He is my strength, my heart, my love, but more importantly my Savior!

 Brayden's Christmas Tree cupcakes for his party at school tomorrow!

 This is him saying No Mommy No Mommy, he can be such a DIVA! bahaha.. I do love this kid...

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