Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baby, It's cold outside.

 Well its Thursday, this week is almost over and its one week closer to Christmas!  I have most of my schoolwork done and I couldn't be happier! :) I did my 2 last presentations on Tuesday, I don't know what I made on my research proposal presentation but I made a 33 out of 25 on my career path presentation! I guess she liked my career of being a stay at home mom! *haha* So now, I just have to take my four finals and take a regular test and 2 discussion boards and I'll be done! I have one final today, its online so as soon as B wakes up I'm feeding him breakfast and off to school he goes for the day. I need to take my exam and hopefully get my 2 discussion boards done and do a little house cleaning before I get him from school and Tadpole gets home from hunting. Tadpole and my daddy are hunting this morning and I'm sure they are freezing their hiney's off! I hope they wore their under armour and their long jons :) Oh last night while I was saying B's prayers with him, he added a few extra kiddos. We normally just say we pray for our friends, well last night he listed them all out! :) He's such a sweet boy when he talks about his friends, he loves to be around them. Yesterday we went to Andalusia to drop off mothers decorations for her work Christmas party tonight and Papa T went with us! Then we went to WalMart to pick up our Christmas cards and shopped a little(a lot)*L* and headed over to Rancho for lunch... and yes I enjoyed my same ole same ole fajita salad! :) Its SOOO yummy. Tad and I bought a new tv stand so when we got home him and my daddy put it together and it looks so good. Brayden took a good 2 and a half hour nap and I washed dishes, did laundry, and wrapped presents. Our tree of overflowing, but I love it.... I enjoy giving my loved ones gifts that I know they'll enjoy and have been wanting.
 Tadpole and B playing super mario from the OLD nitendo system that I stole from my aunt sam! Tad has been playing non stop! He thinks he's a master! He's just to scared to play Michael Jackson on the Wii with me, because he knows I got Skillz! Bahaha!

 Our new tv stand and see all the gifts? I told you it was overflowing! the bad thing is I have a few more gifts to buy and even more to wrap that are down at my parents house for safe hiding! :)
 This is where Bernie was this morning when I woke up, I think he thinks he's Tarzan (but got scared) *haha*
Saturday my momma and I are having a mother/daughter day of shopping in Destin! I'm pretty sure she'll make me eat at Olive Garden too, as long as she lets me have her mint I'm good... I can't wait to spend the day with her. I'm just going to miss shopping with my screaming youngan! The funny thing is Tad plans on finishing his shopping with Brayden, lets just see how much he gets accomplished. :)

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