Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Short Sleeve shirt in February???

Can you believe it February and we're wearing short sleeve shirts? Tad has even been wearing shorts around. It's just crazy how this weather has been lately. We've been a busy little bunch since last week when I blogged. We took Tad's truck back to Enterprise last Wednesday to be fixed. That afternoon Tad had a doctors appointment and found out he has a hernia :( On Thursday, Tadpole went and played golf with some friends and B went to his Granny's house for the day. So I went to Andalusia to do my couponing at Fred's and Family Dollar! I know we have a Fred's and Family Dollar in Opp, but for some reason I like their Fred's better. After I did my couponing I went and visited Tiff at work. We got to catch up and she cleaned my wedding rings for me :) They're all clean now! During our visit I had people calling me from Birmingham from where we bought the truck because Tad and I had been trying to get ahold of them all day. Bondy's in E'prise had called twice since we took the truck over there to be fixed that something else was wrong with the truck. I KINDLY told the manager in B'ham that the truck was practically brand new and should not be having this many problems with it when we've only had it 2 weeks. He of course agreed with me, and I expressed that Tad and I were not going to pay for this truck to be fixed, that if they wouldn't pay for the broken parts then they would be getting that truck back. The manager up there was very nice to me, as I was to him. We got everything straightened out finally, thankfully! Tad and I had already decided to take the lift off the truck, so that meant we would have to pay for that..When Tad picked the truck up Wednesday afternoon, they didn't charge us near as much as they were supposed too. Thank you Bondy's Toyota! Tad had to be at church Thursday night to get meat ready for the Wild Game Banquet on Friday night. B and I ate supper and went to visit Izzy and Papa T since we hadn't seen them in a while. Friday, B went to daycare, Tad was at church all day and I needed to go to the Andalusia Police Department to get fingerprints for substituting. I had to go by the Christian Book store for the church to buy 21 Bibles...Do you know how much Bibles are??? EXPENSIVE! I couldn't believe how much they were. Its absolutely crazy. So whoever won doorprizes at the Wild Game Banquet Friday night got themselves a nice Bible! :) Saturday was great, we actually got to spend time with our Tadpole. We had to go to WalMart for diapers. B is still not potty trained, but we are working on it still. We went to our friends April and Shane's house that night to grill steaks with them and Paul and Tiffany. We had a wonderful time hanging out with all of them. We went to church Sunday morning and after church around 2:30 B's fever spiked up to 104.5, he had been running low fevers around 101-102 since Saturday at lunch. I thought it was his teething because of the fever and some of the diapers he had had that day, plus his gums were white. Anyway, I made my mother come to the house and she put him in the tub and cooled him. It worked for the most part. He still ran fever throughout the day and night. Tad went to church without I missed hearing the Lester's sing on Sunday morning because I had child care and I was going to miss the last night Not a Fan :(. Brayden woke up around 4:50 yesterday morning crying, so I changed his diaper, gave him more juice and he wanted to watch TV. Tad took him in the living room and laid on the couch with him so he could watch TV. I went back to sleep in the bed. Again he ran fever most of yesterday, but a low fever and would break every couple of hours with medicine. We went to the grocery store around 3:30 and came back home about an hour later and his fever spiked back up to 104 and he started constantly crying about his tummy hurting. :( He hasn't had a dirty diaper since Saturday night at Shane and April's house. So I know his tummy must hurt. He finally stopped complaining about his tummy about and hour later and ate some supper and his fever went down. This morning, he has had NO fever all night long! YAY! Today is house cleaning day for Tad and I. We can barely walk in our closet to get something out to wear. So we are going to clean it out today and hopefully tackle B's room too. Tonight we are having supper at the Colquett 5's house. Church tomorrow night, I think we'll eat supper there too! :)

Mommy and B being silly :)
This would be my extreme couponing! 5 things of Tide, 2 Degree Deodorant, 1 pack of Dove soap, 1 bottle Rob-tuss,1 bottle Nyquil, 7 things of toothpaste, 1 thing of bounce dryer sheets, 2 bottles of Scope. :) I saved almost $40! 
B says I'm so cool, I wear my sunglasses at night! 
Miss Sophie! Isn't she the cutest thing :) 
Me and Sophie :)
Sophie had a photoshoot! 

Toyia and KC, Tad and I will just take Sophie off your hands for ya'll :) She would fit right in with our wild child, and she likes to eat just as much as we all do over here at the Tisdale house! HAHA!

I would just like to say that prayers work and God does answer your prayers! I have prayed for a long time now about a few things and in the past couple weeks, God has answered my prayers. I want to thank those that were praying with me about it and I'm grateful for our friendships :) God has a plan and sometimes its not always clear BUT he always has a good reason for everything!!!

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  1. Awwwwww this made me smile so big!!! She is so precious.... you will have a hard time getting her off our hands. She does LOVE to eat... she just stays so busy that she burns it off *hehe*!!