Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Whats going on with us??

I'm just going to let the pictures tell you whats been going on with us the past 2 weeks :) You'll probably not be so scatter brained if I do it this way!

This was 2 Saturday's ago, Tad, April, Shane and I all went to Dothan that night and ate at Conestoga's. It was GREAT! If you know me, I'm not one to eat a steak out anywhere.We enjoyed it very much. The next two pictures were after we ate :)

Happy Valentine's day! Tad and I had a wonderful day. Brayden went to daycare and he had a Valentine's Day party in his class. Tad and I ate lunch at Rancho Grande and then went to WalMart. We picked up B the Operation game, but instead of the man it was Mater!! :) Of course when we got home that night and gave it to him he HAD to play it.. So you can imagine what all we did that night.

We had a photo session one night on B's new bed! Its so cute, and he loves it...but he doesn't love it enough to sleep in yet*haha*

Tad had hernia surgery on Wednesday of last week, and is doing great! He played golf all day yesterday so you know he must be doing good. Saturday while Tad was at church helping with D-Now stuff, B and I bake some red velvet cupcakes. Brayden enjoyed licking the bowl just a little too much!

While Tad played golf yesterday, Brayden and I laid on the couch pretty much all day and watched tv and movies...We got up a few times to play with some toys in the floor. Pretty much we just stayed on the couch and relaxed. Tad came home and grilled us drumettes and deer sausage. Today, we haven't done much.. I went grocery shopping at my parents house!*L* All of our deer meat is in their freezer and we were out of hamburger meat at our house, so I needed to stock up again. :) Then we went riding around in the woods, it was such a nice day for it too.

So I uploaded these pictures about and hour ago, and I wanted to upload the rest which are the ones from today, and my computer or blogger is messing up and won't upload anymore. UGH! It drives me crazy sometimes. I will upload them tomorrow if it'll let me! Everyone have a great Wednesday tomorrow :)

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