Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's a 4-wheeler/golf cart riding kind of day.

Seems like we have been a busy little bunch today. Tad and I got up first thing this morning and took B to his Papa T's house and we were on a hunt for B a new bed. If you all know, he already has a bed. He has one of those beds that have the drawers up under the bed...I can't think of what they are called at the moment. Wel 2 of the drawers have completely came apart for the THIRD time. I noticed the other day that the wood up under the mattress is coming apart from the side of the bed, I tried pushing it back together but it didn't help. My mother and daddy bought the bed for Brayden, they wanted to buy his bed and of course I couldn't turn that offer down :) It took mother and I a couple of weeks to find a bed we liked for him. When we got the bed in they only sent "some" of the parts and some of what they did send was damaged. Mother called the comany and told them about it and they sent us another bed. Well...when the new bed came in, we were missing a WHOLE other box. Tad and I finally got the bed together,it took us awhile just because we had Brayden home with us and we had to do alittle at a time. The instructions for the bed weren't easy to understand either. Anyway, thats a little background on the bed we have now. In the past week Tad and I have decided that its time for Brayden to start sleeping in his own bed. So, this means we have to get him a new bed. I feel horrible that the bed mother and daddy bought is going to be trashed, but I just don't know what else to do...The drawers are broke and I think the middle is coming apart. I hate that their money is practically being wasted. We have decided to take pictures of the bed to email to the company and let them know whats all happened to the bed. Brayden's new bed will be here tomorrow afternoon, and his new chester drawers. I started a budget yesterday for Tad and I, we each get $300 every 2 weeks. It includes anything we want to do,eat, groceries, play golf...anything but bills and gas. Whatever we have left over each week is our choice what we want to do with it. Tad says he's gonna save his for his hibachi grill he wants when we build a house, I think I'll just save it for a rainy day! :) I really hope we can go by the budget and hopefully save ourselves some money and be able to put back more for a house each month. Today was so nice outside.. Tad,B and played on his swingset for a little while this afternoon. Then while Tadpole and my daddy put the blades on the lawnmower Brayden and I rode the 4-wheeler and the golf cart around in the pasture. We both enjoyed that very much. I haven' done that in a LONG LONG time. Tad and my daddy are grilling pork chops, I've got some quash and eggplant cooking on the stove,YummY and I'm printing coupons :)!!!   We've had a great day and I hope you have too :)

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