Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is there really a first time for everything???

So, I went to the dentist this morning, and we all know that no one loves going to the dentist. Today was just a little worse than usual... I have my very first cavity :( I am super bummed about it.. I cried on my way home.. I know your thinking its just a cavity, but I have always prided myself on having no cavity's and now I have one.  Tad thought it was funny, my momma wasn't very happy with me, Tiffany tried to comfort me, and Nina said welcome to the club! What a wonderful family and friends I have :) *L* I have to have it filled in April :( I'm pretty sure I'll cry again about getting the shot... In Tadpole's words.. "Theres a first time for everything". UGH! I had lunch with Toyia at Papa G's and boy was my food yummy :) I enjoyed our catch up date. It's church night so of course we went to church. Now we are home, I've washed the dishes, Tad's in bed, and B is sitting on the couch with me watching Shake it Up and twirling my hair. I put him in his bed last night around 9:30 and he woke up around midnight and Tad put him in our bed. As soon as he falls asleep on the couch I'll put him back in his bed for round 2! I love that little bugger but he sure is a bed hog and this mommy hasn't been getting any sleep lately..and KAYLA needs her sleep!!! Tomorrow B is going to school and I'm going to clean house and wash clothes! Tad has to go the dentist tomorrow to have his cavity filled... HAHA to you :)
 Brayden was giving daddy advice on where he thinks the house should be! :)

 These two boys are all into looking for deer tracks... We have to start Brayden early so he'll know what to be looking for! *L* I enjoyed riding around in the woods yesterday with my boys. When I was younger, the days that my daddy picked me up from school we would always go to the hunting club looking for tracks. He would pick me up from school, we'd stop by Onycha Grocery get us a drink and some beef jerky that they used to sell( it was the BEST beef jerky ever). Then we would go ride on the hunting club for awhile just looking around enjoying daddy/daughter time. 

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