Saturday, February 26, 2011

Whew.. What a week!!

I thought that this week would NEVER end, but thankfully it finally did. I had 2 test Thursday, 1 in Educational PSY and another in Social PSY. They are both my hardest classes but I think that I did good on the Edu.PSY test not so much on my Social PSY. :( Maybe I did better than I think that I did. He doesn't post grades on blackboard so I'll have to wait until Tuesday to find out my grade. Ohh get this, so at the beginning of the semester my edu.psy teacher tells us we need to buy a livetext code which by the way was $96.00. Even if we weren't education majors she said we still needed to buy it. So on Thursday once again she asked who were the non-education majors and there are like 3 of us in there. She says that the livetext lady is coming Tuesday to show how to work livetext, that we didn't need to know how but that she still wanted us to come to class. OKAY now.... Doesn't that seem a little strange??? First she tells us we have to buy it and now we don't need it?? WHAT??? Thats crazy and I'm not very happy about it either. Thats 96 stinkin' dollars that I could have saved. Anyway..So I pretty much studied ALL DAY Wednesday, even when I went to dance..all I did was study! I thought my brain was going to explode. I guess thats all apart of college my mother informed me!*haha* Other than that our week has just drug out so long. Probably because our Tadpole comes home Wednesday! Brayden and I are super duper excited to go pick him up. Oh and Brayden's big boy bed came in.. We haven't put it together yet because we haven't bought a mattress for it yet. I'm not sure when we'll get to that because my mother will be out of town all next week :( I  can't wait to put it together and get his comforter/pillows made for it.. I hope it turns out really cute! I could never find a comforter set that I liked so I'm just having one made! :) Yes I know, I'm very picky! I just couldn't find one that I liked and I thought fit B's personality. I went to the doctor yesterday about my wrist/hand/ know your thinking what in the world. Well last week my wrist started hurting really bad, and I just thought maybe I pulled something and it would work itself out. Of course this week the paing starts going up my arm into my elbow and down in my hand. He thinks its the tendons in my hand and gave me a cortizon shot for inflammation, but did send me to have x-rays just in case. I won't know anything about the x-rays until Monday. Right now I'm eating ibuprophen (which isn't working to well anymore) to ease the pain. It just hurts really bad to bend it, typing doesn't bother me so bad since I'm only moving my fingers. Picking up Brayden hurts bad but oh well..I have to pick him up!:) I will deal with the pain. Anywho, We don't have any plans today except probably hanging out with my daddy some. Right now, Nemo is on in the living room and Cars is on in Brayden's bedroom and I'm still having my coffee. I did a workout this morning on netflix that kicked my hiney! I thought I was going to die afterwards...*|O|* I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
The next 2 pictures is what Brayden decided to do while mommy was studying so hard for her tests on Wednesday morning...gotta love his messes he makes for me to clean up! :)
I absolutley LOVE this face!!!
We went outside about and hour before I left for dance to get some fresh air and Brayden very much enjoyed himself!!

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