Saturday, March 12, 2011

Daddy's Home! :)

Well to start off Tad is finally home!!! We picked him up last week from the airport and we were SOOO excited to see him. Brayden and I are bother glad that he's home for a little while. I have to take him to the airport in the morning for him to fly to Houston for school and he'll be home on Friday and then I think we're going to head to the beach for the night when I pick him up on Friday! :) Super excited! I need to do a little shopping for Brayden since some of the winter clothes are going on sale I need to get some things for next winter! I have been on Spring Break from Troy this week and I have enjoyed it soo stinkin' much! I wish I out this coming week too. Opp Spring Break is this coming week so I won't have dance which will be nice. Brayden's birthday party is coming together, I mailed out invites yesterday and the rest of the decorations came in yesterday morning. So all if left is to get the cake which I have left my mother in charge of since she knows how to contact the lady thats doing the cake... blow up balloons and make the party favors, oohhh and for Aunt Sam to make his Birthday outfit!! :) I'm getting very excited about how everythings going to turn out. My daddy and Tad are going to be super swamped the day of the party since my mother will be at work until its time for the party....Tax Season is NOT my friend!!!! I miss her alot during tax season because she works all the time and gets home late during the week. The only good thing is that she normally takes me shopping when tax season is over for a mother-daughter day! :) Which of course I LOVE!!! Anyway, I'm going to try to start walking on the treadmill every weekday and weekend if we're not busy. Summer is getting closer and Kayla needs to get into shape!!! Most of all I just need to lose weight. Brayden has started repeating EVERYTHING now worse than he ever has been about repeating things... the other day he said crap and shoot...*lol* He's a mess and can def. make a bigger mess! Tad and I went to put his bed together yesterday morning and guess what?? It came with NO instructions on how to put it together...Needless to say all of the parts to the bed are in the corner of the living room. We went out to eat last night with Tad's parents to Santa Fe, it was a little better than last time but still not great to me. We had a good time together though:) Today, we're going to Andalusia to get Brayden a mattress for his bed and to pick up his birthday present from Wal-Mart, and tonight we're heading to the Colquett 5's house for supper and wonderful fellowship with some of our Sunday School memebers! Can't Wait! Brayden is so excited to go play with Karter! :) I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :)

He says "CHEESE" :)
Brayden this morning watching Open Season

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