Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Playing Catch Up

So, We have been a little busy and I haven't found time to blog lately so I have lots to catch you up on. We did go to the beach for the weekend and we had a BLAST! I can't wait to go back, which will be Saturday just for the day :) Brayden LOVED the water and didn't want to get out. The beach water was freezing cold and B's lips were purple after playing in it. The Friday night we were there, we went out to eat with the Kendrick's to Outback. AnnaBeth sat with Tad, Brayden and me and she and Brayden cut up all through supper! :) That Saturday we went shopping in hopes to find some good winter clothes deals. I found a few I bought B a few things for winter from Old Navy, Polo, and Hartstrings. We bought him several summer shirts just because he didn't have many shirts. We got the most at Carter's of course :) While I was checking out Tad was over on the girl's side looking at clothes... I said "What are you doing" and he holds up a shirt and says "Can we get this for Sophie(Toyia and Kyles babygirl), and so I said "yes!" I keep forgetting to give it to them, so now you know what it is Toyia!*haha* Reasure Kyle it isn't an AU shirt. :) Anyway, he wants a baby so bad he can't stand it, but Kayla has to finish school and we need a house first too! After we got through shopping we went back to the condo for a nap and after our nap headed out to the beach! Later that night we ate AJ's and got some super yummy oysters :) They were SOOOO good. We had a nice little getaway weekend to the beach together. This past weekend we had Brayden's birthday party. His actual birthday isn't until April 6,but we had the party before Tad left to he could be there. It was Nemo of course and it turned out too stinking cute if I do say so myself. Aunt Sam made the party favors( I will post a picture later, she has that pic) She did a wonderful job on them. Just to say she did a FANTASTIC job of the icing tinting!!! =) Oh and I also iced my first cookie, and I had to eat it! I don't think you'll have to worry about me getting a job with Cake Boss!*haha* I'll just tlet Aunt Sam do all the "crafty" stuff and I'll just give orders :)
My week has started off very stressful, my neck has recently started hurting very bad again. *ugh* And my medicine does NOTHING for me what so ever!I have a little over a month left of spring semester and I'm soo ready for a break. Hopefully, our little beach trip Saturday will help my stress level some, or atleast I'm praying it will anyway. Here are a few pictures from B's party and our beach trip.
Brayden's CUTE birthday cake!
 Tad and little Miss Sophie. Toyia- if you ever need a babysitter for Sophie you KNOW who to call :)

 Landon was checking that motocycle out

 Gotta Love Miss Stella Kayte! She's such a mess!
 Karter is holding on tight, never know what wild man Brayden is going to do...haha

Whoa, that water was COLD!
 Theres a short little story with this picture, I was sitting on the towel watching my boys play in the water and taking pictures of them. Well Brayden starts yelling "mommy mommy" and starts to run down the beach.. so Tad points at me and says "mommy is this way B" It was too cute..I LOVE this picture of them together. :)

 My sweet little family before heading out to eat to AJ's, where we ate for less than $100!!! I don't think thats ever happened to anyone in my family while eating at AJ's! haha
Everyone have a blessed week! I'm hoping mine gets somewhat better :) I'm keeping a positive outlook :)

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  1. Awww so sweet!! Thanks for the shirt *haha*!! Love the pictures... and love all the beach pictures.