Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just a little Boredom...

We've had a good week so far, Tad's at school in Houston, I went back to school from being on SB and everything's going good! :) Miss Oki Grace is with Brayden and I today and they are having a ball his room looked like a torando came through. So during nap time I cleaned it up...

It's not wrecked again..not YET anyway! haha...Gotta love them though, they play so well together as long as Brayden's not pulling her hair that is! *L* They are in there right now singing..Its so cute! You'll notice that in the pictures Brayden doesn't have a bed in his room, yes I know! His bed is currenty leaning against the wall in the living room, because the people forgot to send instructions on how to put it together!

As you can see it's NOT just a headboard and a footboard!!!!
AND this is how we are attemping to hide it! *HAHA*

Well anyway, I'm looking for us a room in Destin right now, waiting on the owners to email me back and let me know the rates and availibility. I'm so ready to go and walk on the beach I can't stand myself! =) Brayden is staying with his Papa T tomorrow and I'm pretty sure that they'll be going to "pet" the deer tomorrow! I haven't told him yet that he's staying with him yet because he'll want to go down there now! Oh I started weight watchers Monday and I'm doing really well on it I must say! :) I'm VERY proud of myself and I hope I continue to do good on it. I'm shooting to lose 20 lbs by dance recital. I hope I can make it! We went to my Nonnie's house last night, she lives close to me now :) My Aunt Chan came home Monday so we had a birthday dinner for Reed (his birthday was Friday) He turned 5 years old! I can't believe it.. Uncle Rusty grilled burgers and Nonnie made homemade ice cream and Wendy got a cake from IGA. We had a good time, we HAD to bring out Just Dance 2 and Michael Jackson of course. We all had a ball playing and watching each other. I enjoyed spending time with all of them! We don't get to do it often since Aunt Chan and Tucker live MS. Hopefully we can get them moved back home soon so we'll see them alot more ;) Ohhh No Dance this week! WOOHOO!!!! Hope everyone has a great rest of the week! :)

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