Monday, September 22, 2014

Soccer and a Fever

Brayden started soccer a couple weeks ago and games started last week. We are the green team and the Colquett kiddos (Karter and Sophie) are on it too :) Brayden loves soccer! He wakes up asking if he has a game or practice. He loves it even though he had a meltdown last week when Kyle told him it was his turn to sit out. He's made several goals and blocked several too, much improvement from last year!

 And the sweet little couple got to sit out together!

 I was able to get a picture of all 3 of the kiddos playing... its a keeper for sure!

Last Wednesday night was missions night at church. We had to do some illustrations and well..... Amiee tried  her best at drawing a shirt, for what type of person? I have no idea... Poor Andrea's coffee mug turned out looking quite strange. I hadn't laughed so hard in a long, I had tears rolling out because I was laughing so hard at these drawings. Every time I look at it I just get tickled. 
 Brayden LOVES to draw on his board in his room. He'll draw something and then go get my phone to take pictures. I love it! He loves to tell me exactly what everything is.

 Last week our sweet baby girl ran her first fever :( This picture was on Friday after we had been to the doctor to get her check on! Turns out she just had a cold. If you know MM she doesn't like to cuddle, she doesn't want you to hold her while she goes to sleep, and most of the time she's in the floor playing. Well on Friday she stayed in my lap all day, never wanted to get down, slept in my arms most of the day. It was really broke my heart to see her not feel well at all. Thankfully she is better now :)

I just wanted to share this, this came from my bible study we are doing at church during DT. When I saw it in the margin, I just had to put a big circle around it. Some people think to themselves that God has given up on them because they think they are so lost its impossible for God to save them. I'm here to tell you, God hasn't quit on you and he is never going to quit on you either. God loves you no matter what. So, if you know someone that's having a difficult time, just let them know the God hasn't quit on them. God loves them. God is always listening!

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