Tuesday, September 2, 2014

IHG Celebrity Invitational 2014

The beginning of July, Tad and I went to Nashville for a couple of days for a golf tournament. Tad is a founder for the In His Grip Ministry. We went up on Saturday, we just took our time getting there and once we got there you know the Tisdale's can spot a mall like a needle in a hay stack. We did a little bit of shopping at the galleria and then went to check into our hotel.

 We had supper at Sperry's that night and OH MY GOSH.... can you say delish?? because it was DELICIOUS!! We want to go back to Nashville just so we can eat there, lol. After we ate we headed to the Grand Ole Opry, by the time we got there they were sold out, which wasn't sad for me since Vince Gill was there. I am NOT a fan of him, my skin cringes when I hear him. Tad wanted to go so bad and I hated we couldn't since he was looking forward to it so much. We decided to go to the movies instead and we had a blast :)

We had planned to go to church with Scott Lehman on Sunday morning, hes the actual founder of the IHG Ministry. Anyway, with no babies to wake us up, we slept until almost 9:00. We got up and had breakfast at the hotel, got dressed and went out site seeing I guess you could say. My feet had blisters on them from the sandals I had worn all day on Saturday, so we were on a search for me some shoes. Gigi's Cupcake's is in Nashville, its the original one too.. So you know I had to stop for a white chocolate midnight cupcake.

 The new kicks for the day.. my feet were in heaven then.

By then it was time to get ready for the live/silent auction and dinner for the golf tournament which was at The Factory in Franklin.

 Mathew West
 Tenth Avenue North
 Brett Kern

 Okay, so when you go to one of these things your expecting to have a great time, great fellowship and all but when I saw this and I read my husband's name... I couldn't have been happier for him or more proud of him!
 The food was PHENOMENAL!! 

 Scott Lehman

That Monday was the golf tournament, I don't have any pictures from it but Tad had a blast playing with all those guys and made so many new friends. We don't get away from our babies but every couple of years but when we do.. We have a blast together and laugh a bunch!

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