Thursday, August 28, 2014

All about Mollie Mae...Whats going on with her...

Mollie Mae is getting so big so fast! I cant believe that she'll be 11 months on this Saturday. It seems so unreal to me. She is such a blessing to our family. MM is the sweetest baby, shes a GOOD baby! Now, don't get me wrong she is such a GIRL!!! She knows shes a princess and just how to get her way. I call her Wild Woman most of the time. :) So here is what has been going on with our princess!

 Eli is our baby hogger, lol
 MM's first V-day!

 Mollie Mae and her great-grandaddy (Poppie)

Mollie Mae turned 5 months old...


 She definitely loves her brother like no other...and misses him terrible now that hes in school.

 Oh you know, those auntie's are the best..they get to teach the babies all the fun and cool stuff.
 Sophie loves her some Mollie Mae! Colquett's enjoyed keeping MM one day for Tad and I.
baby girl is 6 months old...
 Sweet Sweet and beautiful girls!
 She loved looking out her window and seeing her daddy on the lawn mower.
Mollie Mae at her 6 month well check-up! Such a happy baby!!
 Getting her ready for her 6 month photo session...

 Happy 1st Easter to baby girl.

 And she turned 7 months old...

 I don't know where those blue eyes came from, but I sure am glad that God chose to give them to her!
 A little playtime in the front seat while brother was at golf lessons.
 Hand me downs are by far the best clothes ever, such wonderful memories of Oki Grace in this outfit and now MM is wearing it.
 and the months just keep coming faster and faster... 8 months old..

 Nothing better than beach trips with family and friends in the summer time!

 yep, now 9 months old
 9 month check-up
 10 months old!!!! Can you believe it?? :((

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