Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2 weeks till Christmas

Can you believe it's almost Christmas? Hasn't it just crept up on us? Thankfully most of our shopping is complete, just have a few dirty santa gifts left to buy. I love Christmas time..all the decorations warms my heart! I love staring at our mantel with the stockings hung and the fire going and of course some coffee in hand.

My Momma finally let me have all my ornaments from DRS. Oh how I LOVE this tree and makes me think of DRS! I miss her so much!
I like to wrap presents... the first 5 maybe...after that I hate it. I'm getting close to being finished though :)

Bernie and Melvin were still tailgating on Sunday after the big win for Auburn!
 Saturday momma, me, and the babies headed over to Dothan to get a picture made with Santa and to do a little shopping.
Waiting in the LONG line to see Santa..we waited over an HOUR!
This isn't about Christmas but I wanted to share. Monday I started watching my calories so I can get on track to losing this baby weight (from Brayden!!!) I gained 28lbs with Mollie Mae and I have lost all but 3lbs of it. I gained 55lbs with Brayden plus 10 in those 4 years after he was I have a good 65lbs to lose just from him! I would like to lose a 100lbs, that would be awesome! My main goal is to just get healthy though and feel good in my own skin ;) Anyway, I've started eating egg whites and turkey bacon for breakfast, which I've eaten turkey bacon since I was younger..that's just what I'm used to. For lunch the past 2 days I have had fresh veggies sauteed with a little bit of EVOO..and its so good! Supper I have had chicken. Last night I made grilled chicken salad and can you say DIVINE??  Oh it was SO delicious. I have walked yesterday and this morning on the treadmill after I drop B off at pre-school. I'm hoping I can stay on this schedule even when Tad is home. So, Tad motivate me! haha

I hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday! :)

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