Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last week was terrible and I mean it was awful! Tuesday, Brayden woke up from his around 11 and he was burning up... like 102.9 temp! He had been sick the week before but hadn't ran fever since that Saturday afternoon. Well I went ahead and got him an appointment to see the doctor since it was Thanksgiving I didn't want him being sick with no meds. Tad was at parents were in NYC.... In-laws had the flu.... Anyway, Aunt Gail went with me to the doctor. I met her at Ino and she kicked me out of the drivers seat, refused to let me drive my own car to Dothan! I don't ride with Gail often and neither should you! *L* She thinks everybody is going to drive out and hit her.. and with her constant letting off the gas... We did have an enjoyable ride over and several laughs :) We got there, she stayed in the car with MM because I didn't want her around all the sick people and it was time for her to eat. Needless to say, Brayden had the stinkin' flu! UGH! Just what I needed cause remember... Tad was at parents were in NYC.... In-laws had the flu.... What in the world was I suppose to do?? MM had to go stay with Aunt Sam and her crew. The doctor had said if he took the medicine for 24 hours MM could come back home. Guess what?? My child REFUSED to take the medicine! I forced it down him and he spit some of it out and then threw the rest of it up. Meltdown time...except it wasn't Brayden this time..this meltdown was all Mommy!!! I just emailed Tad and told him I needed prayer..Brayden wouldn't take his medicine and being away from MM at 8 weeks old overnight. I cried and cried pretty much all Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Well, we went and got MM Thursday before lunch! I couldn't stand it any longer...I think I held her most of the morning. We had the Carnley Thanksgiving at my house Thursday night for supper. Gail totally ruined the dumplings, dont let her tell you it was me...because it wasn't!

I sure love these Turkey babies!

On our way to Dothan last Tuesday :(

Waiting to see the doctor  :( Poor baby didn't feel good one bit!
Eli is SUCH a baby hog, so he really loved having MM at their house for a few days!

Aunt Sam sent me this Wednesday.. doesn't she look so peaceful?

Apparently she loves Eli... It's the big cousin thing! :)
He was starting to feel much better Wednesday...WITHOUT medicine!

Oki Grace had a real live baby doll to play with ;)

When we woke up Thursday morning, Bernie was back with a friend, Melvin came to help watch over Brayden and Mollie Mae.

I was on top of the moon! I had baby girl back in my arms :)))))

I think she was just as happy to see me as I was to see her.

They looked okay, smelt terrible and tasted even worse! EPIC FAIL!Gail and I vow to never to dumplings We are leaving that to you momma!
By the way...we are ALL well now! I still have this stupid cough but I always keep the cough for a long time. I hope ya'll had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Happy Holiday's :))

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  1. Glad y'all are all better! Missed y'all like crazy! I knew you were pretending to be stronger than you were those couple days. A friend always knows :)!!!!