Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Family of 4 Please!

We are LOVING LOVING LOVING being a family of 4 now! I always wished I had a little brother, when I got older I was glad I was an only child...still am for the most part. Having 2 kids a boy and a girl is everything I had hoped it to be and so much more. I'm thankful that my kids will always have a sibling to go to. I won't say its been the easiest thing to get used to but its been an adventure and I'm still learning new things on being a parents to 2. Mollie Mae gets up once a night (most of the time) for a bottle and will then go back to sleep and wake up normally around 7. Which works out great because Brayden has preschool, so it goes ahead and gets me out of the bed :)

These sweet babies couldn't stay awake on the way home from MM's 2 day check-up!

MM had to support Bama in her outfit Izzy bought her :)

Now this is my handsome husband :))

I got to go to 3 of B's game thankfully :) I loved watching him get so excited about playing soccer!

After one of his soccer games we took B to the fair, MM went to Izzy's for a little while. :)

The look I get majority of the time when I ask to take a picture of him

Daddy and baby girl passed out on B and I one night.

Tell me she aint the cutest thing you've ever seen!    

Tad and Kyle both turned 30 this recently so Toyia and I wanted to do something special for them! We threw them a surprise birthday party at Hilltop without them finding out! GO US! We the bomb!!! They were so shocked and were so happy! I think everybody had a wonderful time :)

She is probably going to kill me BUT she likes to capture I said well let me take pictures of this! She was trying an oyster..asking several questions on how to eat it and all.. I laughed alot at her :))

I will end with a picture of my babies! Brayden is begging to go to bed... so I better take him to bed :) I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow with your families! I'm thankful for my hard working husband and precious healthy babies! AND my family, I'd be a nervous wreck without them most of the time ;)

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