Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pregnant and HOT!

WHEW.... I don't know if I've told anybody but it is HOT outside! Brayden was a winter baby and so I didn't have to worry about the summer heat. Ohhh boy! I am getting it this pregnancy. I am hot everyday all day long and could lay in a bathtub of ice most days. Of course I wouldn't trade this heat, swollen feet that hurt soo bad, running to the bathroom (yes still at 29wks), and all the sleepless nights for anything in this world. This baby girl is so worth everything she puts me through even the teenager acne she causes my face to have *L* We had our 4D ultrasound done 3 weeks ago and of course she didn't want us to see her sweet face so she kept her hand in front of her face. So I went back yesterday for a redo and what do you know?? She had her foot in front of her face this time. We did get 1 really good picture of her and she has mommy's chubby cheeks! :) Most of you know what I'll be looking for when she comes out! Yep, those slant eyes! I hated looking different when I was younger and I gotten made fun of, but now I could care less because I love looking different and my slant eyes make me ME! When I was pregnant with B I knew he wouldn't have any hair but I so badly wanted him too and he didn't. The thing I most wanted other than him being born healthy was for him to have slant eyes! It just makes them a little different so I hope Mollie Mae has them too.

These are the from the first 4D ultrasound which were done at 26 weeks.

 Brayden LOVES to listen to his music on his ipad... he will go around the house listening and singing at the top of his lungs! Its so funny!
 My boys could eat a ice cream cone everyday of their life if I would allow it. :)
 Our friends Corey and Ashley had their precious baby boy July 2 and we went and visited them in the hospital! He is truly a beautiful baby boy. They are some blessed parents :) You now Brayden and I enjoyed holding him!

This was from the redo ultrasound yesterday at 29 weeks.. Isn't she precious!

Yesterday was also my mother's birthday! So we helped celebrate by getting cupcakes at GiGi's after my doctor's appointment and then going to coldstone for ice cream :) We just got all sugared up yesterday, lol. We had a wonderful day despite Brayden laying in the floor in TJ Maxx crying for a toy *L* His daddy would be so happy....(yeah right) I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday tomorrow and a fabulous weekend!!

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