Monday, July 15, 2013

High School Already? Seriously?

I attended my second 8th recognition program this year. The first one being my own :/ Did this really just happen?? Did my sweet little Eli just leave middle school and is about to adventure out to high school? How in the world? Eli is like my little brother that I never had but always wanted. Eli and I are around the same age difference as Eli and Brayden and B loves his Eli so much! I can't believe he is growing up so fast, makes me feel so old and not cool anymore. Brayden slept pretty much all through the program...which was a blessing!
Eli, Brayden and Talon after the program! Brayden loves these two boys! Talon loves pinching B's cheeks :)
Eli and JC... I just can't believe they will be in high school soon and then will turn 15? I think my calendar missed some years somewhere along the line. I'm so proud of them!!

I love this last picture! He's growing up and no longer calls me "kay" :'( He is the whole reason I have this nickname, and now calls me Kayla just because he can actually say it now. Eli, if your mom shows you this... Its okay to call me "kay" and I'm beyond proud of the christian teenager you are becoming even if you do think your to cool for me sometimes. Just so you know I'm by far the coolest person you'll ever know! :))) I love you way past the moon and stars and will always be that little brother I never had but always wanted. Oh and just because your getting older and smarter doesn't mean that I can't boss you around whenever I want ;)

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