Friday, July 5, 2013

Yeah I know, I'm bad at this!

Trust me! I know I'm horrible at blogging! My husband and friend Toyia let me know quite often that I'm bad at blogging and that I need to do it. It's like a chore for me sometimes. I hate sitting down at the computer, I'd rather just use the ipad and I've typed a school paper on the ipad before, it was TERRIBLE! So anyway, I never got around to blogging about our big news... for anyone that doesn't know which I think everyone knows by now...We are expecting! Praise the Lord! After 16 long months of praying, crying, screaming, being angry and crying and praying. We found out we were expecting in late January! Can you believe I kept it a secret from Tad for almost 2 weeks??? It was definitely very difficult.  I told him the day he got home from work and had a series of gifts for him...and I love him but he really never figured it out until the end when I had a sign that said "We are Pregnant!" He was so surprised, I think we both cried. Brayden did know the whole time and did a fabulous job at keeping it a secret I might add. On May 6th we found out we were having a baby girl! I cried and cried laying on the table during the ultrasound. We wanted a baby girl so badly...I've longed for a baby girl for 2 1/2 years now...and I was finally going to have one! Her name will be Mollie Mae Tisdale, she is named after my great grandmother Dolly Mae and Tads grandmother Ollie Mae! I wanted Mollie because of me- MeKayla and my momma-Melissa...we will all have M names :)  She is already a spoiled little girl not only by her family but buy some wonderful friends! I can't thank our friends and family enough for praying for us to have a baby girl. Since we found out the baby is a girl, Tad has been on me about selling Brayden's old clothes, for one its taking up lots of space in the attic and he say's we are done. Well I think like most mother's, I'm just not quite ready to part with his baby things! I did give in somewhat and started selling some of his things. BUT I am NOT selling his smocked outfits yet and yes that's a 2 tote thing :) I can't see Brayden being my last baby boy at the moment wearing those sweet little boy outfits. I am 27 weeks 2days and will be in the 3rd trimester where has the time gone?? It is so crazy how fast its going by. Mollie Mae is a busy little thing, she moves all the time, makes me run to the bathroom more than I ever have in my entire life, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world. Brayden is ecstatic about his little sister, he gets very upset when we go to the doctor every month and we don't come home with her. He told Tad and I the other week that he was tired of getting pictures of her that he wanted her out! :)) Our family beach trip is in 2 weeks and I am so ready!! Although, I think I might be a little miserable on the beach everyday...Maybe I can find a extension cord long enough from the beach house to the beach for me a fan?? *haha* Fat chance huh??? I'm already hot sitting in the house in the air conditioner so I can only imagine sitting on the beach while Brayden plays in the sand and water. Anyway, we are going to enjoy a day with our Nina, Landon, and Baylie Kate today! We have missed them lots... I'm not even sure when we saw them last! :/ We are fixing that today and will be heading to Enterprise soon to visit them! I'm REALLY going to try my HARDEST not to go this long without blogging again :)

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