Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2 more days

I have only 2 days left of actual classes left for Spring Semester, and I'm soooooooooo HAPPY!!!! This has probably been the longest and most stressful semester that I have ever had. Troy Campus teachers are just so much different from Dothan Campus teachers. They are NOT laid back at all but it looks like I'll be here for Summer Semester too. Dothan doesn't offer my Basic Statistics class in the summer that I need to graduate and its a prereq for 2 other classes so I HAVE to get it done this summer. This will be my first summer taking 3 classes and actually going to class everyday. From May-June I go M-Th and from June-July I go M-W. Which isn't totally that bad...

Okay hang on, I'm sitting in Hawkins building right now and there are a group of people standing close to me talking(loudly) and every other word I here is a 4 letter word and its not Love! UGH Some people have no respect for other people..I do just find without having to listen to people say those words..UGGHHH! Sorry about that..that just made me mad for a minute.

Anyway.... I'm taking Basic Stats, Cognitive PSY, and Orientation to PSY. :) I'm very excited to be getting closer to graduating, and I know my parents and Tad are probably more excited than I am. So what a normal 4 year degree is taking me 4 and half years..I mean atleast Im finally graduating! :) We ALL thought I would still be working on my bachelors when Brayden started college. I might be working on my doctorate when he starts college. Well Im atleast hoping to anyway. Yes I want my doctorate! Your probably thinking why does she want to go to school that long? Well maybe one day I'll have me a little couch in my future office and you'll be able to come tell me all of your problems or you just need someone to talk to..and NO Discounts!!! *HAHA* So we have a pretty busy summer, School, Brayden's swimming lessons, B starting daycare, Family Beach Trip, Mother/Daughter/Brayden trip. I'm so excited to get summer started even though I have school, but other people have work soo I shouldn't complain!!! Oh my softeware for my cricut came in yesterday and I can't wait to find out what all I can do with it! :) and FINALLY Karter's crocs came in..its about time..I ordered those crocs 3 weeks ago! I bought the crocs for his Birthday and its past his birthday so he'll get a late birthday gift from The Tisdale's =)...I'm addicted to my cricut, I want to make stuff all the time with it! Since I've got it, the craftiness has came out in me and now I'm wanting  to make a wreath! :) The problem is, is that I'm not crafty AT ALL! I see all these cute ideas to do but I can't seem to do them myself. My project that I will be working on this week/weekend is a wedding gift and something for the pool toys to go into, because in about a month we'll be jumping into the pool. Well I probably won't but I'm pretty sure those Russell Boys will be! *L* I won't get in until its around 90 degrees..Brayden and I will just play outside the pool :) I do want to get a slipNslide one day and do it, I LOVE slipNslides!!! I normally regret it the next day but they are SOO fun to play on. Ohh and Tad has school once again when he comes home, so we get jipped again on family time, but I guess its all apart of his job. He works hard for Brayden and I and I couldn't be happier than where our family is and is going to become. Have a wonderful Tuesday!! I'm off to the rest of my classes then to dance and then to visit a cute little boy to give him his late birthday gift :)

So No pictures on this post, I'll make sure I have some on the next!

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  1. I cannot stand potty mouths either girl and thank you for the crocs.... I'm surprised he isn't sleeping in them *L*!!